Switched at Birth Review: How to Save a Life

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This week, Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7 offered up a segue installment. 

Just enough happened to propel story forward and drive what happens next. 

Everybody seemed to be trying, in one way or another, to save a life. Daphne was looking out for Sharee; Bay and Toby were trying to save their parents' marriage; Melody was intent on ensuring Travis' future; and Regina, well, she was still trying to save herself.

Bay and Toby Work Together

It's obvious how little time Toby spent in his own marriage when he agreed with Bay that taking their parents to a soda parlor to relive the old days was a good way to get them to rekindle their feelings for one another. 

No go! 

Instead, Kathryn recalled fatherless trips with the kids while John was on the road and John remembered passive aggressive arguments. Trying to eat a 250 banana split hardly gave anyone the warm fuzzies and Bay's attempt to win an iPod with a claw arcade game revealed two torn tendons putting her future as an artist in question.

What a great family night.

Daphne's friendship with Sharee was put to the test when they tried to get her mother help for her mental illness. Daphne's heart was in the right place, and nobody could have guessed how messed up Sharee's mother really was. 

After stabbing Dr. Jackson at the clinic she was arrested leaving Sharee's fate uncertain. Daphne came off looking quite good in the eyes of the good doctor, however. I don't think he'll tease her about using the place as her personal dating service any longer!

Travis and Mary Beth are absolutely adorable together. At first, I thought he didn't want to go to Gallaudet because he wanted to stay and go to school with her, but she knew her boyfriend better than I do. Most of their relationship has taken place off screen, but the writing proved how close they've become when she shared with Melody Travis' likely fear of leaving the only true home he's ever known. 

Isn't it interesting that when a story does come out of their home it's not focused on Emmett who was once a fan favorite, but instead on Travis? I'm wondering how you all feel about that.

Regina is far too volatile. She doesn't deserve the opportunity she's been given with Wes. Her mother is a pain in the butt and it was rude of her to thrust herself into her daughter's work with the intention of sabotaging it, but it was even worse that Regina listened to her.

Of course Wes was going to take advantage of the partnership he just invested $50,000 in up front. Did she really think he was doing it out of charity? Between she and Angelo, they're two of the worst business people I've ever seen. Her ridiculous "I quit,' "No, I don't quit," on and off behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

Take some time and relive your favorite show moments when you watch Switched at Birth online. Why wait? Go do it now!

Are you hoping Emmett gets a story of his own soon?

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Melody: Why do you want to go to Gallaudet?
Emmett: Because all the girls are good with their hands?

You got everything, or you need some help carrying in your soap box?