Teen Wolf: Watch Season 3 Episode 19 Online

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On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19, Scott finds Stiles and together they try to piece together what has been happening while Lydia and Allison help Peter find the memory Talia hid in her claws.

The electrical wire goes wild and Kira saves the day, but not before one of the pack gets caught in the crossfire. Kira's parents are holding back information from her.

Dr. Deaton is on course for discovering a cure for Stiles, but will he be on time?

Kira Glows

Argent and Derek find themselves unlikely allies as they search for Stiles and then find themselves in the path of his handiwork.

Talia's memory holds a secret that terrifies Peter and solves a mystery for which viewers have been looking for an answer.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

Born out the blood of a Nogitsune, this lichen is quite special. More powerful than you know.

Dr. Deaton

I tried to find Stiles and I lead everyone into a mental institution. I call that a colossal failure.