The Bachelor Review: Welcome to New Zealand!

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Juan Pablo Galavis whisks his remaining eight ladies off to New Zealand on The Bachelor!

After last week, the ladies aren't fans of Clare Crawley, who monopolizes Juan Pablo's time on the group dates. But after their rendezvous in the ocean, is she still one of Juan Pablo's top picks? You can read The Bachelor spoilers to find out that answer.

Or just stick right here where we'll recap it all. Let's get to it...

Juan Pablo Pic

Juan Pablo reminds us once again that he's here to fall in love and New Zealand might be the place where he does that. Maybe. Just like Vietnam was the place. And South Korea before that. 

Nice advertisement for the Huka Lodge. Minus 7.

Cassandra misses her son and feels selfish being in New Zealand. Kat says she and Juan Pablo are on a "slow boil."

Clare doesn't feel secure in her relationship with Juan Pablo after last week and hopes for the first date with Juan Pablo. But that honor goes to Andi who hasn't yet had a one-on-one date with the bachelor.

Clare's disappointed that she didn't get the first one-on-one date of the week, but she's already had a one-on-one date AND a secret swim. Minus 14.

Cassandra and Renee talk about being away from their boys while they're traveling the world not spending time with Juan Pablo and Cassandra starts to cry. So does Renee. 

Renee is a real estate agent, but she should look into making the switch to counseling. Every single woman this season has turned to her for comfort. And Renee has maintained objectivity and given good advice through it all. Plus 12.

Andi gets ready for her date with Juan Pablo. She hopes to have a "breakthrough" in her relationship on their date.

Juan Pablo says Andi's "got it going on." 

They jump into a speed boat and take a ride on a New Zealand river and Juan Pablo has planned a very adventurous date for Andi so that he can "see if she trusts him."

What is it with this guy and extreme dates in order to see if these women trust him? Is this weird to anyone else but me?

They stop the boat and the driver tells Juan Pablo and Andi to get out and go swimming. It's freezing water, apparently. They head into a place called "The Squeeze." It's a cave at the end of an increasingly narrower rock passage. 

Andi says something's telling her to let her guard down and "trust Juan Pablo" and that "something amazing could happen" if she does. There we go with the "trust Juan Pablo" thing again. Minus 13.

At the end of their trek through the cave, they end up in a hot spring under a hot waterfall and have a hot makeout session.

I like Andi.

He plans for their dinner to take place in front of a geyser. (And by "he plans" we really mean ABC plans...) The geyser erupts behind them while they eat and if I say this isn't awkward given his oceanic voyage with Clare last week I'm lying. 

The geyser ruins their dinner by raining down all over them. Grrr, nature.

Back at the Huka Lodge, the women find out that the next date is a group date. And they find out that Clare's getting a second one-on-one date. She acts shocked. Minus 8.

Juan Pablo and Andi move away from the geysers that ruined their dinner and when they talk, Andi tells Juan Pablo that she would be happy in life with love. Take away her job, other things that make her happy, and love is enough. 

Then she says she can't wait to have a family. Juan Pablo says he wants love in his life, too, and he's happy she's there. She gets a date rose. Plus 10.

"It's so odd to be standing next to a geyser because our chemistry is bursting through as well."--Andi

It's time for the group date! Kat says "the scenery is beautiful and Juan Pablo adds to the beauty." Minus 3 for cheese.

It's Cassandra's 22nd birthday so she's excited to get to spend time with Juan Pablo. After he toasts to their group date, Chelsie steals him away and teaches him to make calls with his hands. Or he teaches her? It was weird and she said Ohio looks like New Zealand.


For their group date "event," Juan Pablo makes the girls strip down to their bathing suits, in the freezing cold, and they jump into these giant inflatable balls and roll down a hill. It's called Ogo.

"How is this going to end?" one woman asks. "Badly," replies another.

For their cocktail party, Juan Pablo takes the women to Hobbiton!! It's basically amazing. A.MAY.ZING. Plus 45!


Juan Pablo grabs Renee for the first private moment of the group date cocktail party. They finally kissed last week and she's hoping he'll do it again.

He tells Renee that she's one of his special ones because she's a mom. She tells him about the conversation she had with Cassandra and that the moms think it's wonderful that Juan Pablo is proof that there are men out there who won't look at them as having baggage. 

So he's good for something. Plus 8

They kiss again. And again. And again.

I like Renee too.

Nikki plans to take her time with Juan Pablo tonight to tell him how she feels, which she says is a difficult thing for her to do. But that's why she came here.

She says she's falling for him and doesn't want to pull back but this is scary. "It's scary for me too, you know" he says in response.

Then they kiss.

The women sit around talking about group date roses versus rose ceremony roses and Chelsie says that at this point, the group date rose means something more.

Sharleen feels like she isn't sure where they're at and tells Juan Pablo the process is "inorganic" for her. She questions where they are versus where he is with everyone else and he says "don't question it."

They make out some more.

Cassandra still hasn't stolen any time with Juan Pablo and wants to open up to him in ways she hasn't opened up to him before. Now's probably not the time to tell her that Clare beat her to it.

She tells him she appreciates him (?????) and respects him as a dad. She keeps complimenting him and heaping on the praise and it's so, so painful. She's so very, very young and it's totally obvious in moments like that. Minus 6.

Juan Pablo prepares to give someone the group date rose and Renee wants Cassandra to get it because Cassandra, she says, needs it. He gives the rose to Sharleen and Renee is visibly saddened by it.

Points for Renee. Plus 10.

Juan Pablo asks Cassandra to talk again. He says she's one of his special ones, and he wants to be honest with her, and she's gorgeous and funny, and so nice, one of those girls that make him say "wow."

But they're not in the same place. 

He's sending her home ON HER BIRTHDAY! It's her birthday and he's sending her home!! Ugh. Not that I can't respect his reasoning, but ugh. Broken up with and booted from a reality TV show on her birthday. Minus 18.

While she rides to the airport, Juan Pablo goes back into The Shire to tell the other women that he didn't see a future with Cassandra and that at the end of the day, that's what he wants. He didn't want to keep her away from her son another day.

He maybe starts to cry and the other women turn into puddles of goo.

Before his date with Clare, Juan Pablo skypes with Camila and says that part of this journey is learning his boundaries. Clare wants to hear "I'm sorry" from Juan Pablo.

Not gonna happen, babe. Probably.

He starts their date by telling her that he does want her to be there. She says she was hurt and upset. He tries to explain that this is a big learning curve for both of them. So that's honest. Plus 3

She asks where their boundaries are. 

Juan Pablo and Clare Talk

He's never done anything--at all--in front of Camila with a girlfriend. So swimming in the ocean at 4:00 in the morning and "kissing" Clare "didn't feel right" to him.

Then they kiss and make up. 

Hopefully we're missing a lot of their conversation because otherwise, Clare's a pushover.

"Today couldn't have gone any better," Clare says. Minus 35.

Everything about her voice grates on my nerves. Absolutely everything.

She tells him he's the kind of man she wants in the father of her future children and that she would rather have a casual dinner like the one they're having over a fancy cocktail party. He goes to get her a pair of sweats and tells her to put them on. 

Then he gives her a rose.

Juan Pablo plays the song that was played for them on their first date. That's sweet, but I still don't like Clare.

It's time for another cocktail party. One woman won't make it through the night.

Before the party, Juan Pablo talks to Chris Harrison about what the week has been like and says he hopes he's finding the woman of his dreams here. 

The girls are all quiet at the cocktail party because three of the seven of them already have roses. This will be Nikki's first rose ceremony without a rose since the very first one. They make out a lot. A LOT.

Juan Pablo takes Renee to talk with her and try to calm her fears about being the only single mom in the competition. Juan Pablo says he's hypnotized by her eyes, especially when she talks about Ben. Then he kisses her.

Kat and Chelsie discuss how things are changing among the women and Juan Pablo and the fact that they think one of them will be leaving that night. Kat and Juan Pablo haven't kissed yet. 

Chelsie grabs Juan Pablo for a little conversation about what she wants in a relationship. She wants a family and wants a guy who's in that same place. He says they had a great one on one date and every time he chats with her he has a good time. Then he says "if you're here it's because I want you here."

Kat sits down with him next and tells him she's been journaling while she's been on the journey and she fears rejection and disappointment from the men she opens up to. She tells him that knowing that Juan Pablo wants a family and love makes it easier to share her painful stories with him.

Chelsie thinks Kat 's going home. Kat thinks Chelsie's going home.

And it's time for the rose ceremony! Sharleen, Andi, and Clare have roses. Click through the slideshow to see the remaining women in the competition to win Juan Pablo's heart.

Kat doesn't get a rose from Juan Pablo. As she hugs Sharleen she says "I'm really sad. Love you." Juan Pablo walks her out where she wishes him good luck as she climbs into the limo.

As she drives away, Juan Pablo takes a minute to compose himself. Sharleen is very confused and feels guilty for still being there while so many other women have gone home.

Instead of feeling more certain about her relationship with Juan Pablo, she's feeling less so as the weeks pass. She sees other women who are better suited for him and plans to give herself one more week to see how she feels about Juan Pablo.


What did you think of tonight's The Bachelor? Should Juan Pablo have sent Chelsie home instead of Kat?

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