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Joe Carroll’s followers keep dropping like faceless flies. The mass collection of cult members have dwindled in size to a mere two: some woman who was shot and captured (does she have a name?) and Emma.

Alas, Carlos, you only made it to three episodes before finding an early grave. What made you trust the terrifying twins so easily?

The Following Season 2 Episode 3 continued to wipe away the past of The Following Season 1 in its efforts to regroup and establish this new era of terror. And definitely don’t be trusting, it could get you killed.

Bearded Joe was ready to dive back into his old life, and that meant tying up lose ends and leaving the Utopian Slut Palace for good. Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, pen pal lover.

In a twist that seemed pretty obvious by the delay in her reactions to hand over the knife and desperation to have a father figure, Mandy stuck it to her mother and garnered her first kill. She wasn’t going to let Joe go.

It looks like Joe will have another person easy to command, but he’s always been good at that. I guess I’m more curious as to what her purpose will be beyond that and if in getting deeper into his sick world she’ll want out or become even more deranged than the man she’s following.

Odds of her surviving the season?

At least Joe is on his way back to Ryan, and that is where the real scene stealing can begin. Those two together, interacting, facing off have always been a highlight. But will Joe keep his beard?

That said, Sam Underwood has portrayed Mark and Luke to a perfection that encapsulates the crazy, but makes you want to know more about them. They twins are truly a scary duo, and even a mere smile can be chilling. The scenes with them are definitely highlights for the The Following Season 2.

And it was interesting to hear Mark’s admission about not feeling fear. Does he feel anything at all? Does he have the ability to emote?

He certainly has a fondness for Emma, but will there be something more between them? Is it possible for him to love?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t buying Emma trying to stand tough in the face of the new killers as Joe’s “number two.” In truth, I’d be OK with the series eliminating all of Joe’s original followers to truly begin something fresh and in a different direction.

Certainly, the smaller scale in characters is a plus as it does allow viewers to get to know who is involved.

So, did anyone think Lily was as innocent as she portrayed?

Granted, Ryan had the worst poker face ever in staring her down, but it was neat to see her easily transform her appearance as she ran away. Plus, the shots of the bustling city was a nice touch to add to the commotion and real feeling to the location.

However, I was surprised to hear Luke call her mother.

The Following Season 2 is definitely interested in the familial relationships and I’m still curious to know what Lily and her sons want in respect to Joe Carroll. What is their end game?

Hopefully, Ryan can get out of his funk and team back up with Mike (it has to happen. Just be friends!) and take them down for good. Although, I could use less of the FBI chick getting in Ryan’s face and bossing him around. I know there needs to be that authority character, but it feels forced.

“Trust Me” was a decent hour, but more of a setup of this new stage of the game for Ryan against the crazy killers. But with entertaining new villains and a potential joining of forces with Joe, I’m still holding out hope that the story will evolve from chasing bad guys and gratuitous deaths into something more. I’m ready to let the real games begin.

Were you surprised that Lily is the twins' mother?

Trust Me Review

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