The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Shady Ladies

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Talk about "Peaches Divided" on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 14. There was plenty of shade in Atlanta as only one Housewife stood up and took responsibility. 

Kandi Burruss may have lost it at NeNe's party but she had her reasons…and then she womaned up, took responsibility and apologized. 

Plus 50 because that's a lot more than we can say for the rest of the Housewives. 

I say she had her reasons for losing it because Cynthia Bailey and then husband Peter got in her face and for some reason Malorie got into the fray. Mal shoved Todd and pushed Kandi. 

Mal claimed she'd kick Kandi's ass if Todd let Kandi go. Minus 13. Ha! I'd say she'd have a tough time taking on Kandi. She may be little but she's fierce once she's riled. 

But at least the next day Kandi could look at her own behavior and say she wrong. Plus 22. No one else was able to to that.

We'll give Porsha a Plus 15 for having the good sense to walk away when things got crazy. We won't even take away points for her talking about evil spirits entering the room. 

NeNe Leakes took no responsibility for anything. She set up this party and picked questions she had to know would put everyone on edge, but in her mind she wasn't to blame. Minus 18.

She pointed the finger at Kenya. Maybe Kenya shouldn't have gotten up but that's hardly a reason for the melee that ensued. Chris did grab her arm. Brandon stepped in, and then Apollo beat on him.

In Apollo's mind he was diffusing the situation and it was everyone else's fault. Kenya's right. He's lucky he didn't end up getting arrested. 

Minus 30. Apollo grabbed Brandon by the throat and threw him back down on the sofa! Then when everything was over he charged back into the room to have another go. How can Phaedra not see how her husband escalated everything?

Even Cynthia should take some responsibility here. She happily spread the rumors about Todd and then tried to make it sound like she did nothing wrong and didn't mean any harm. Minus 19.

Not to mention that it's rather ironic of Cynthia to spread the rumor of Todd being an opportunist and using the women in his life to pull himself up when all we've seen is Peter using Cynthia's money to fund his failed business ventures…and his new Mercedes in the driveway.

And what's with Peter jumping into every confrontation these days? 

Despite everyone else's nonsense, Kandi invited the ladies to a spa day so she could apologize and even though Porsha had no idea what she's talking about, she came anyway because…"Who's going to pass up a free massage?" 

Have to agree with Porsha there. Plus 10.

Unfortunately there's not enough green tea and aromatherapy to diffuse the tension in this group. Cynthia kind of accepted Kandi's apology but her body language said otherwise. And Kenya and NeNe couldn't stop screeching at one another.

Ladies, this is a spa, not NeNe's pillow party. Too bad they didn't seem to know the difference.

Episode total = +17! Season total = -767!

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Who do you think is the shadiest of the Housewives?

Peaches Divided Review

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