The Young and the Restless Recap: What's Said in the Hospital

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NuBilly is still not hitting the mark in the pathos department on The Young and the Restless, but his story is tied to virtually every other one in town, making his presence an absolute must. 

After sharing what went down on the cliff between him and Adam with Jack, he used a Godfather-like hug to request that what's said in the hospital stays in the hospital. It's sort of the Fight Club rules, hospital style, or the rules of vacationing in Las Vegas.

Pick your poison!

Billy Godfathers Jack

Although Billy was pretty adamant that he had every intention of taking Adam out and making him pay for Delia's death, Jack didn't think he had it in him to go through with it.

Things were only made worse later when Jack learned the truth about what Victor knew and the deal he made. If he hadn't hidden the truth about Adam's involvement with Delia's death, not only might Adam still be alive, but there wouldn't be even a slight chance that the investigation could take the cops to a place that might finger Billy for his death.

We didn't see that wiggling finger today, but no matter what happens, if Adam's alive, then even if Billy's arrested it would all come down to a Fen in prison situation anyway.

And, seriously, how many of those do we need? Fen got out of prison on the same day as Womack who, for some reason, had an interested in acquiring the doll Kelly and Lily put up for sale for Delia's auction. Is it loaded with heroin or diamonds? That seems a strange shipment to cause such interest.

Meanwhile, Chloe catches Victor at Chelsea's and learns Chelsea just wants to take Connor and go abroad like she and Adam had wanted. The more she talks about it the more crazy Chloe looks. She goes slightly off the rails but rights herself before she finishes her chat with her "best friend," and then manages to steal their passports before hitting the door.

Passports can be replaced. I'm thinking the thing that will bring Adam back from the grave will be when Chloe kidnaps Connor because she thinks she's hers, after all, it's like looking into Delia's eyes. She's definitely booked a ticket on the crazy train.

The other question is, has Sharon booked a ticket beside her or is something else going on completely as far as Cassie is concerned? Did Sharon spell out Phantasm on her coffee table or did a ghost? You tell me!

Is Sharon really being reached by Cassie's ghost?

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