True Detective Poll: Who Done It?

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True Detective accomplished something rather impressive last night:

It solved one crime, via an action-packed climax, only to then open up brand new questions about a new crime after skipping ahead many years later.

During the course of a single hour, True Detective Season 1 Episode 5 killed off Reginald Ledoux, jumped seven years into the future and started to make viewers question both Rust and Marty.

The True Detectives

Is one of them involved in this new wave of killings?

Could it be Marty, who shot Reggie in the head before he could speak?

Could it be Rust, who the modern day detectives clearly have an eye on and who has a "corrosive" soul, according to at least one meth dealer?

Or is this tremendous HBO series - which seems to improve each week; whose imagery, direction and acting are unparalleled on television right now - throwing red herring after red herring at viewers?

The title may be singular, but that doesn't mean both detectives can't be innocent and that the man behind the original heinous crimes can't still be out there.

So, while we ponder all the latest, sweeping installment through at us, we ask TV Fanatics one simple question: Who done it?

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True Detective Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You got demons little man. And I don't like your face. Makes me want to do things to it...I see you again and I'm puttin you down. There's a shadow on you son.

Dewall Ledoux

That feeling like life has slipped through your fingers. Like the future is behind you. Like it's always been behind you.

Martin Hart