Twisted: Watch Season 1 Episode 13 Online

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Danny finally came clean to his friends about who really killed Aunt Tara in Twisted Season 1 Episode 12.

As many suspected, Vikram was the culprit and Vikram also faked his own death. When Danny finally caught up with his father, a fight broke out and the episode ended with Danny and Jo watching Vikram plummet to his death.

On Twisted Season 1 Episode 13, Danny debated whether or not to flee but decides against it. He is feeling major guilt over Vikram falling off the cliff and believes he killed his father. He decides he will stay and tell Chief Masterson the whole truth.

However, Chief Masterson was busy catching the real killer in Regina Crane's murder case. So who was it? Find out when you watch Twisted online!


Twisted Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

He's super agile and crafty, and you know he has that long thick hair so that'll keep his ears warm.

Rico [about Danny]

Jo: We should go get help.
Danny: No one can help us.