Beauty and the Beast Review: Happily Never After

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Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

That's what we learned on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 16 as Gabe took the low road and squealed like a baby when he couldn't have his Catherine.

There were so many plot holes in this episode you could have driven a truck through them, all in an attempt to right the wrong of ripping apart Vincent and Catherine and placing miserable Gabe in the middle.

The worst part is Gabe, who had been redeemed and should have grown as a character, instead tumbled head over heels down the hill of love to become worse than he was as a beast with his supposed love for Catherine. 

Quite simply, there is very little about Beauty and the Beast Season 2 worthy of praise. 

Given this spring finale, I'm not at all surprised that the series is being taken off the air without a scheduled return. It also won't be shocking if the remaining episodes are left as burners to improve DVD sales. That's how bad the state of affairs is with a show that once had a lot of potential to entertain with romance and suspense.

The whole Sam debacle fell apart when he was in prison and got his hands on the beast serum. It was too convenient. To make matters worse, instead of D.A.of the year Gabe caring at all that the criminal mastermind had escaped and would be harming more innocents along the way, he was whining about his love for Catherine. 

There was a misguided attempt to make light of the triangle between Cat, Vincent and Gabe, but the timing fell flat as it played out with the looming threat of Sam carrying out vigilante justice and turning men into beasts. Had the case been a little lighter, it would have been easier to accept. 

Vincent calling out the judge as a liar every time he spoke was cute. His heavy sigh, marveling at Cat's beauty was heart pounding and their falling back into each other's arms at the end was long overdue.

Gabe's going ex-boyfriend psycho and having Vincent arrested for murder just deflated an already overburdened hour.

Why couldn't he just walk away? A clean break was what the series needed, not more Gabe mucking things up. If they had cut that final knock at the door, the series could have ended right there and I would have been alright, knowing Cat and Vincent chose each other and were willing to work things out.

We were also given the added bonus of Tess finally admitting to J.T. why she was so reluctant to acknowledge his advances -- they are such an unlikely couple that she just can't believe it's happening. We couldn't either, but their chemistry is golden. Sometimes it's more palpable than others chemistry on the show. Yeah, I said it. 

With everyone together and happy, it was good. Until Gabe. Gabe who was redeemed until Cat let him into her life. Where's that time machine when you need it?

What evidence can the gang use from the past to toss back into Gabe's court to get him to drop the charges? Certainly there's something left to make him look as bad as Vincent currently looks to police. Want to see it all again to get ideas? You can watch Beauty and the Beast online for clues.

Should Cat play dirty against Gabe?

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