Being Human Review: A Whole Lotta Crazy

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Wow. It's really becoming obvious that they're plowing toward an ending, as events on Being Human Season 4 Episode 10 were flat out crazy!!

I'm finding it difficult to watch my friends speed toward the finale. Yes, they've become pals over the years as well-developed characters do. As whacked out as circumstances are becoming, everybody is remaining true to themselves and that's a relief.

In pretty much every instance in which the gang has had dealings outside their immediate flat mates and within their own subspecies, things have gone wrong.

That continued tonight as Josh was flying high, at least for a little while, as the new pack leader of the wolves he and Nora hooked up with this season.

Andrew and Caroline got a nice house in the wood and thinking of baby April hosted a changing party. They wanted Josh's blessing on the house, the changing and it was all just a bunch of hooey. Josh had confided in Mark and Andrew what he could do and their great idea was to recruit new members to strengthen their pack.

The catch was that they only trusted Josh to do the turning of the newbies because he can control his wolf. Not taking no for an answer, soon Josh was in a cage, being electrocuted with a cattle prod to encourage spontaneous changing so he'd scratch people whether he wanted to or not.

Nice pack ya got there, Josh. 

Who would have guessed that Kenny's hookup with a werewolf -- strictly verboten among the species -- would turn out to be Josh's saving grace? No thanks to lovely ex wife Suzanna. 

Aidan's ex was still harping on him to kill every vampire he could get his hands on, and her number one target was the king of Boston, Kenny. In Kenny she sees Bishop. Aidan is obviously conflicted, but he doesn't quite know how to tell Suzanna that. When he thinks he buys time, it's a ruse.

Astrid showing up was Kenny's first reprieve from Aidan's deathly delivery and she was also the second -- because she gave the news to everyone that Josh was in trouble. It helps to have interspecies mingling.

Sally's feelings for Aidan had been growing and she admitted to Nora she fell in love with Aidan in her other side life and how difficult it was for her in this life. When they go to fight for Josh, she injects herself into various wolves, giving Aidan a distinct advantage when it comes time to fight. She waits until there's only one left -- the biggest, burliest of men -- and kisses Aidan in the hope of jogging a memory through time that just wasn't there.

At the most inopportune time a text from Kenny indicates he needs help. Sally is spent and she needs to go so Aidan finds himself fighting again -- this time it's Suzanna. She sealed herself in a body bag and infiltrated Sapp and Sons to kill Kenny. Aidan knows Kenny isn't perfect, but he also knows Suzanna has spent centuries making others pay for her own mistake -- killing their son.

He can't let her kill his only remaining son and as she tries to stake someone -- was it Aidan or Kenny? She was too whacked to even know at the end -- Aidan stakes Suzanna and she turns to dust.

Sally looks horrible. Who knew ghosts could die? At least it looks as if she's dying as she's lying there on the couch with bloodshot eyes and deeply veined skin, breathing (?) shallowly. Aidan blames himself and Nora breaks the news to him -- Sally is in love with him.

It makes sense, to some extent, but he's taken by surprise. This being Being Human I wonder if we'll have a happy ending to our stories or bittersweet ones. Ones in which Sally might get her door with one last chance to feel corporeal and make love to Aidan before slipping away. If Josh and Nora will reunite only for one or the other to be taken away by an army of pack wolves.

As I contemplate those possibilities, I realize that they would be acceptable because it's not whether the characters live happily ever after, but whether they can live with themselves. Like Sally when she recognized how her second chance at life fundamentally changed the people she loved, it only really matters if the characters we love so much remain true to the people they want so very much to be.

That doesn't mean I want it to end. There will be a lot of time to watch Being Human online and many hours spent doing it, I'm sure. 

Are you starting to get a feel for how it's going to end?

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

You either just did a piss poor job of explaining it to these people or you recruited a bunch of psychopaths.


Andrew: I know this sounds weird, but I know exactly how you feel.
Josh: Oh yeah? Spend a lot of time naked in a cage?