Being Human: Watch Season 4 Episode 8 Online

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On Being Human Season 4 Episode 8, Sally has the chance to alter the past she jumps into her body and changes the course of her future.

In order for Sally's life not to affect the lives of those she loves, she carefully orchestrates things for Aidan, Josh and Nora in the hope that they will take the same paths in life.

Although Sally lives, someone else loses their life in her place.

Josh discovers that his attempt to be human isn't working and he decides to go it alone. Although Sally has a love she never knew possible, not everything is going as she would hope.

Find out if you can truly change fate when you watch Being Human online and then proceed to watch this game changing episode. You won't regret it!

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Oh my God bangs! It looks good... looks good on you face.


Who talks to somebody they love like that? I should have never said yes to you Danny. I should have never said yes to any of this!