Bones Picture Preview: A New Intern!

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On Bones Season 9 Episode 17, the remains of a man with a troubled past are found in a septic tank and the Jeffersonian team must pull pieces of that past together to solve the mystery of his death.

Everyone deserves a group as devoted as Team Jeffersonian to ensure the dead get their dignity no matter the terrible circumstances of their death, don't you think?

A Cuban refugee who was studying as a forensic anthropologist only needs an internship to complete his degree and Brennan uses him on the case to determine whether he should be a new addition to the team so he can meet the requirements for his education.

Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan start to talk seriously about whether or not Christine should have a religious upbringing.

This case looks like it's going to be a stomach-churner, so make sure your dinner is a distant memory by the time you watch. F

lip through the pictures and be back here on Monday for a rundown of the installment after it airs! 

Don't forget, you can catch up anytime you like when you watch Bones online. We make it easy for you. Enjoy!

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Bones Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

Brennan: If you disappoint me, I will dismiss you.
Fuentes: How Cuban of you. She is fiery.
Cam: Yes. Be careful. We've all been burned.

Booth: OK. You're saying that Jesus and Superman are the same?
Brennan: Jesus walks on water. Superman flies. No different.