Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: Entering Sprinkle City

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We were treated to another strong episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week, as the detectives all participated in a mandatory training simulation with neighboring precincts - and Holt got addicted to a game on his phone. 

The show really is on a consistent winning streak. It keeps hitting it out of the park.

One of the pleasant surprises is the handling of the Jake and Amy plot. Unresolved romantic tension can be very tricky and we've all seen shows that either dragged it out too long (looking at you, Bones), or resolved it too quickly and had nowhere to go (the famous Moonlighting fiasco).  

This series, however, has found great pacing so far. I like the progression of the story - not rushing, but not dragging it out either. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 19 handled the relationship between the two perfectly.  

Jake felt threatened by Teddy, a detective from another precinct that Amy used to date. However, the jealousy didn't turn Jake into a total idiot, neither did he try to be someone he wasn't - which is what would happen on most other comedies. 

Rather, he adjusted to fit the situation, ramping up his competence and competitiveness while still having fun with the exercise. He simply traded Rex Buckingham, British secret agent for a new character:

Jake: I am playing a character - a no-nonsense detective whose only goal is to set this course record. His name is Vic Kovack, he's an ex-Navy Seal who was double crossed and left for dead...I don't have time to go into his backstory!

Not only did Jake shine, we learned that Amy actually enjoys the fun he brings to the job. Neither of them needs to change something about themselves to get the other. Here, it became clear that the only thing standing between Jake and Amy is their own hesitation. I think that's brilliant.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Charles' friendship hits a rough patch as Charles fails to give Rosa a Save-The-Date for his wedding. It's not often that we get to see Rosa be vulnerable, and boy, do I ever cherish those moments. Admitting her feelings were hurt was probably one of the most awkwardly awesome moment we've gotten from her.  Stephanie Beatriz really nails her character.

Charles said that Vivian was the one who didn't want her there, but it turned out that Charles never even told Vivian how he felt about Rosa. I'm looking forward to seeing how that conversation between Rosa and Charles goes. Not going to be pretty.

All of the above was absolutely great. However, the man of the half hour really was Andre Braugher, whose portrayal of Captain Holt being addicted to Candy Crush Cwazy Cupcakes had me in stitches. I was giggling every time he said "cwazy",and I was doubled over in laughter when he arranged the suspects in the lineup in a "cupcake match."

The speech he gave when he realized he had an addiction problem should get him an Emmy nomination, honestly.

Holt: Nineteen MILKLESS years I've gone, but for some reason I can't...quit...cwazy cupcakes?

This was a great episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I sure hope that it continues on this amazing streak.

Other Notes:

  • Another GREAT cold open with the STD/Save-The-Date jokes.

  • Today in Hitchcock and Scully: They each saved the day! Scully's upsie-downsies gun move won Peralta the record and Hitchcock's general pitifulness broke Holt's addiction. What would we do without these two?

  • Rosa's fake laugh is, without a doubt, one of the most unnerving things I've ever heard.

  • I personally think "mountain range" is a sexy geological feature.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Holt: Do you know I love milk?
Gina: Uh, no.
Holt: Well I do, but it hurts my stomach, so I haven't had milk, a beverage I love, for 19 years. Nineteen MILKLESS years I've gone, but for some reason I can't...quit...cwazy cupcakes

Gina: So stop playing.
Holt: But...I'm just about to enter Sprinkle City.