Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Watch Season 1 Episode 19 Online

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The detectives of Brooklyn Nine-Nine were forced to take a few tactical classes this week. 

Funny? Yes.

But not nearly as funny as Captain Holt getting addicted to a Candy Crush-like game on his phone.

We also saw Jake feeling threatened this episode by Teddy, a detective from another precinct that Amy formerly dated, as the series continues to go at a nice pace regarding the romantic tension between these two.

Charles, meanwhile, failed to give Rosa Save the Date for his wedding, with Stephanie Beatriz  once again nailing everything about her character.

But this installment was all about Holt. Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online now to see him say "Cwazy" a lot and try not to crack up each time:

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Holt: Do you know I love milk?
Gina: Uh, no.
Holt: Well I do, but it hurts my stomach, so I haven't had milk, a beverage I love, for 19 years. Nineteen MILKLESS years I've gone, but for some reason I can't...quit...cwazy cupcakes

Gina: So stop playing.
Holt: But...I'm just about to enter Sprinkle City.