Castle Review: I Only Need You

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Castle and Beckett only need each other at their wedding…and their parents, Alexis, Ryan, Esposito, Lanie and the list goes on and on. 

Just wait until they have to figure out who will sit next to whom. 

Rick and Kate continued on their wedding planning journey in Castle Season 6 Episode 19 and there's certainly a lot to get done. They don't have venue. They don't really have a date. They don't have a final guest list. About all they just have is the agreement to get married and a hideous dress.

OK, I'll drop my complaints about the dress, for now. For a couple who can't stop discussing the big day, they certainly haven't gotten very far in the actual planning.

Perhaps if Castle stopped mentioning things like roller coaster weddings they'd get a little farther because Kate is obviously having none of it as we see in this Castle quote...

Beckett: Castle I love you but I will not marry you on a ride or up in space or on slide.
Castle: I bet Dr. Seuss got married somewhere fun.

You'd think that the road they took to get here was enough of its own roller coaster ride to satisfy the need for ups and downs. And I couldn't help but wonder if Castle asked Ryan his thoughts on the amusement park ride because he's in the running for best man…yet another decision that has yet to be made. 

But on to our case of the week. The twists and turns on this one really kept me guessing. Berman was such an arrogant ass I really hoped he was the murderer and I found it amusing that gang banger, Hector Nunez's alibi was that he was visiting his mother in a nursing home. 

I never would have guessed that Peter Cordero had started out as Armando Garcia, an orphan from Venezuela. Getting the a passport in his birth name and heading back to Venezuela via Mexico was a brilliant plan, if only it had worked. 

Capt. Gates and her sister Elizabeth were more than cold with one another. They were downright frigid but their interactions as dueling sisters rang true. Siblings are usually some of our harshest critics and these two sisters took it to a whole new level. 

Gates' belief in fighting for the truth put her at odds with here sister's view that the rules could be bent for "The Greater Good." It's one of the things that Gates has in common with Beckett. Their desire to find the truth and belief in the law is unwavering. Perhaps that's why the Captain shared her history of sister issues with Kate. They've always had a bit of a bond. 

Now that we've met her sister, I really hope we get to meet more of Victoria Gates family. I truly enjoy Penny Johnson Jerald and hope to see more of Gates' back story explored moving forward. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Who should Castle pick as his best man?

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Castle Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Maybe the invisible hand of the market killed Peter that would explain the lack of defensive wounds.


Beckett: Castle I love you but I will not marry you on a ride or up in space or on slide.
Castle: I bet Dr. Seuss got married somewhere fun.