Castle Sneak Preview: Sisterly Secrets

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We may have been given an unwanted break from Castle Season 6 this week.

But at least ABC has treated fans to an early look at what's down the road.

On March 24, a murder investigation leads Castle and Beckett down a twisty trail, as their victim turns out to be a confidential informant for the U.S. Attorney.

Castle Season 6 Episode 19 becomes even more complicated when the U.S. Attorney in question turns out to be Captain Victoria Gates sister. Awkward! It's a detail that could make things easier... if the siblings were actually on speaking terms. 

It's never easy when you mix murder and family.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Maybe the invisible hand of the market killed Peter that would explain the lack of defensive wounds.


Beckett: Castle I love you but I will not marry you on a ride or up in space or on slide.
Castle: I bet Dr. Seuss got married somewhere fun.