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They've done crime procedurals, westerns, '80s action-adventure comedies, and John Woo movies. So what other ultra-specific film/ TV genres could the gang from Group Study Room F possibly find to parody?

Glad you asked! In Community Season 5 Episode 8, Greendale turned into a '70s sci-fi dystopia, complete with orbs, togas, space instruments, choreographed dances, and a cruel nonsensical caste system.

Who ended up on top? Who ended up on the bottom? Who learned from their mistakes? Who revealed they were evil? And most importantly: which movies did they parody???

I'm not spilling any secrets. You'll just have to watch Community online to find out...okay, I'll give you one hint: there was a totally sweet Zardoz reference.

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Community Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

As long as you're happy...I'm unsettled.


There already was a rating system in place, it was called 'Cool People Get More,' and it was working fine.