Crisis Review: Journey to the Rose Garden

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Thomas Gibson has proved he's willing to do just about anything for his child ... in a really twisted way.

On Crisis Season 1 Episode 2, his plan to control the hostages included a trap to expose the "troublemakers." I doubt he expected his own daughter would be one of them. While other parents are going to great lengths to get their child back, he has his daughter beat up. Wow.

Of course, Gibson doesn't think she'll ever find out that he's behind all of this. He's going to be their savior and win his daughter back and be praised by the President of the United States in the White House Rose Garden.

He's delusional, right? I'm not so sure. There is a sane method to this madness.

Gibson has this planned from beginning to end and he's willing and able to make quick adjustments as needed. I'd love to get my eyes on the magic book that he's having Secret Service Agent Hurst copy. I'm a little surprised Gibson's having him look at it now. If the agent escapes, he'll have key information about the plan.

Given Gibson's social anxiety, I found his ability to multi-task and run several different plays at one time unexpected. He was controlling the hostages, getting money and access from Meg Fitch and exposing the CIA's program through the Pakistani Ambassador simultaneously And, they pretty much went according to plan.

Should Meg have paid the ransom? $25 million is a huge amount. It's crazy. I have a hard time believing that much cash would fit into the vehicle she was driving, but okay, I'll go with it. Up until that point, there was no reason to believe he would give Amber back for the payment. When she was given another task instead, she should have questioned it.

Did she? No, she set up her sister. Meg had to know there was more to the picture. Why would the kidnapper want it to get to the FBI? Just as a proof of life? Perhaps, I guess. She made a mistake. And, then Dunn compounded it by not sharing the ransom payoff and the photo with the FBI. 

Big mistake! Big big mistake! 

At least Dunn's success with the Pakistani Ambassador should buy her enough good will to be kept on the case. Would the Ambassador have killed the target if they hadn't shown up? I don't know. Tough call. He didn't seem to have it in him to go through with it. He had the desire to do it to get his son back, but I doubt he had the strength to follow through.

Dunn and Finley have proved they are going to be difficult to beat. Gibson has two formidable foes working against him. They found Hurst's partner and made the connection to Pakistan's Embassy. They prevented a death, found the Rangers, and stopped them from being taken by Gibson's guys.

I particularly liked that Finley's presence at the original kidnapping came into play. He's an asset to the team and now there's no question. He taunted the ambulance driver into exposing himself and that created a win for the good guys. They still have no idea why there was a CIA black site in the Embassy's basement, but they're a step closer to uncovering the true purpose of the kidnappings and mastermind behind them.

It all has to do with Operation Lennox, which Gibson was told shut down, but is clearly still operational. Does Gibson want to expose the project and stop it? Something went horribly wrong with it when he was terminated, but it's still not clear what happened. Whatever it was, the CIA was willing to threaten his daughter's life to keep him quiet.

Right now, Gibson's presented as the bad guy in all of this. He was willing to kill the Ambassador's son after all. There seems to be much more going on. I have to wonder if as the series progresses and his intentions are revealed that we'll see it in a different way. Will the ends justify the means? 

Gibson may not have honored his agreement with Meg, but he did return the Ambassador's son. That's something at least. Whose parent will be targeted next and what will they be asked to do? The FBI should have all the parents under 24 monitoring at this point. They know of three parents who have been given very specific demands and should expect more of them. 

After the first two episodes, I'm engrossed in the mystery and dynamics between Gibson and his targets. The kids on the other hand ... they aren't anything special. I hope we get to see them better developed. So far, they are still just teenage caricatures. The only exception in the house is Beth Ann. I was quite impressed by the constant glare she had into the kidnapper's eyes after he hit her. She's fierce. Gibson may want to watch out for his daughter!

Is Gibson doing this for a good reason?

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Crisis Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

All our kids are with more than the $25 million. They wanted cash from me. Cash is from now. I just paid for whatever they're gonna do next.

Meg Fitch

Sorry you did it? Or sorry it didn't work out?

Meg Fitch I thought I could get her back. I thought if I did this she'd be back in my arms by now. I'm sorry. Dunn