Dallas Review: Morality's In The Ditch

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Trust is for children. That might be a bit harsh, though, as Dallas Season 3 Episode 2 certainly proved that there are some things you can still trust. 

Bobby certainly trusted that John Ross would bribe their seismic expert. He didn't even flinch when Harold tried to hand him the cash and confessed to almost being bought off. Leave it to Bobby to let the guy keep the cash and promise not to fire him.

Unearned Trust

You can also trust that John Ross has a wandering eye. He is a serious flirt but I loved the way Pamela handled him at the Ewing barbecue. She didn't try to interrupt his conversation with the pretty blonde. She didn't make a scene. She simply asked Nicolas Trevino to dance.

Now that got John Ross' attention. She may be just the girl to keep him in line because as she told him in this Dallas quote

If I ever find out that you've been stepping out on me, God's wrath will be the least of your worries.


Unfortunately, we all know she'll learn the truth eventually. As much as I appreciated Sue Ellen's attempt to help her son, I couldn't help but disagree with the way she went about it. 

However, Baum handled it well. He never ratted out Sue Ellen, yet he gave John Ross a wake up call and told him to grow into his father's greatness, not his weakness.

Will John Ross listen? Not a chance. 

Emma Ryland had all kinds of moves this week - and I don't mean in the bedroom. Harris put the fear of God in her when he threatened to have her locked away. She knew he'd do it because now Daddy knows what she's capable of…

Oh I think we're past that innocent little girl bullshit don't you?


But instead of backing down, she turned the tables and sprung grandma from her rehab/prison. The problem there is that Judith Ryland is even more dangerous than her son. As a matter of fact, in the race between money and morality, we're pretty sure Judith was the one driving when morality was run into the ditch.

The Ewings had another barbecue and I've always loved them for the exact reason that Sue Ellen mentioned. 

Sue Ellen: In the old days these things would end up with a fist fight in the pool.
Ann: It's still early.

This one didn't end with that type of fun but the most interesting moment went to Carmen and Nicholas. 

Carmen proved she's no pushover. She raised Nicholas like a son but if he drags her children over to the dark side, she won't sit idly by. She's loyal to the Ewings. 

We'll see how she feels once Elena shares the information about the deeds being switched. 

Now John Ross has the right to frack and Harris is working for the CIA. No good comes from either and we can only try and prepare ourselves for what comes next. 

Okay, TV Fanatics, who do you think is the most dangerous Ryland?

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Oh I think we're past that innocent little girl bullshit don't you?


I spent 40 years being cheated on. I'm pretty good picking up the signals.

Sue Ellen