Days of Our Lives Recap: An EJabby Baby?!?

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That's the big question of the week. Abby's nauseous and moody. Is it just stress from a bad break up or is there a Dimera baby on the way?

An EJabby Baby?

Is Days of Our Lives just teasing us or is this for real? We probably won't find out for a while but at the moment all of the signs are pointing to a Dimera/Deveraux baby and wouldn't that be a wild twist. 

EJ may just be the most fertile man in Salem. He's already knocked up both Sami and Nicole twice. I think the only person he's slept with that he didn't get pregnant was Kate. And his trysts with Abigail have been so spontaneous that it wouldn't surprise me if they both dropped the ball on the birth control. Even smart people can become unbelievably stupid when it comes to sex. 

Part of me hates the idea. Sami and EJ look so happy now. He's called her the love of his life. She's trying to broaden her horizons to impress him on their honeymoon. And little Johnny's world will be shattered if they break up for good. 

But then there's the evil part of my brain. The part that loves the idea of having Jennifer's perfect daughter Abigail have to tell her mother that she's carrying a Dimera baby. 

The long term effects of that story could be awesome because I don't see Abby choosing to have an abortion and EJ's not about to walk away from his own flesh and blood. 

It could be a story line filled with messy, dramatic, soapy fun. 

Yeah, the evil side of my brain is definitely winning.

In other Days news, John returned and…yawn. Excuse me. I almost fell asleep. 

I can't believe he's only sent his precious Doc one personal e-mail in a year. How the mighty super-couple has fallen but I have no doubt they'll work their way back together just in time for Kristen to return to Salem and the angst to start all over again. 

Also, Jordan has decided to leave Salem……..

Sorry, I think I really did fall asleep there. I wish she actually would leave so we could be done with this story but since they just brought on her incredibly boring, I mean super mysterious brother, I doubt I'll get my wish. 

Eric and Nicole were downright adorable. Forget the shoes, the unpacking or having a bite to eat. Nicole wants a bite of Eric. And as fun as that sounds I'm kind of hoping they hold off a bit and take their time. I'd like to see some more romance between these two before they hit the sheets. 

Jennifer and Daniel are a happy couple once again and even Teresa seems to have been put in her place. Little does Daniel know that there's a new villain on the horizon.  

I had to laugh when Liam called Jennifer a bitch. If anyone should get that privilege it's Daniel. She was horrible to him when she believed he'd slept with Teresa. Jenn was actually nice to Liam. 

But you never know what someone's really like until they get angry and Jennifer's gotten a glimpse of Liam's true colors. We're sure we'll be seeing lots more.

So what do you think TV Fanatics. Do you want there to be a Dimera / Devereaux baby?

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