Duck Dynasty Season Finale Recap: Wrestling with Emotion

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The emotions came pouring out on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 10.

Elsewhere, a wrestling ring got taken out.

Indeed, the season finale brought both emotional and physical pain, as the Robertson gathered for a family reunion at the behest of little Mia, Jase and Missy's daughter, who is facing her fifth surgery to address her cleft lip and palate.

After hearing about some well-known Uncle Willie and Daddy wrestling matches, Mia wanted to see Cut to the Case Jase and Get Back to Work Willie go at it in the ring.

So the men rented one out and did their best impressions of Triple HHH and The Rock, with Jase summing it up best: Wrestling, to rednecks, is a soap opera.

Wrestling is that way to non-rednecks, too, Jase. Just most guys won't admit it.

Meanwhile, Phil's brother-in-law Gordon came to town for the event - and let’s just say it’s clear he married in to the family. The pink polo and khakis may have given that away.

Still, Gordon insisted he could out-duck hunt Phil.

A mud baptism and some clothes borrowing later... and Gordon was proven wrong. But, hey, he did nab one duck, sort of impressing Phil. Not enough to ever get invited back into a blind, however.

In the end, a lot extended family - in camouflage and beards, of course - made an appearance, with a couple of semi-professional wrestlers even stopping by.

There was food. There was merriment. But there was mostly a focus on a brave young girl and her upcoming battle. We send Mia all our very best.

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