Grimm Review: The Ringmaster

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The carnival comes to Portland in Grimm Season 3 Episode 16 - and, with it, the mysteries of the Wesen world for all to see. 

The carnival lends itself well to Grimm's world because it answers one of the questions of Wesen woguing for money in a safe space. I think we've all wondered what would happen if Wesen set up their own little shop of horrors to have some fun and make some cash.

The threat of woguing too much is it eventually takes over your natural desires and tendencies. It's not a large deviation for Sam Witwer coming in to play this type of character.

He's pretty similar here to his Smallville days of Doomsday, but at least he's not a vampire. Although if Nick brings along any more to the team, Monroe and Rosalee will need to check themselves into the rehab facility. 

It was an interesting twist when Wesen force out what they've spent so long hiding, their inner selves can consume them entirely. They spend a long time separating themselves from humans, yet this is another reason they are more alike than they are different.

Both humans and Wesen work hard to suppress what their natural urges are in favor of following societal norms and morals.

Rosalee taking charge and basically forcing Monroe to come along with her to help get to the bottom of the situation is awesome. She values her place in the Wesen world and on Nick's team and is willing to go through a humiliating situation if it means she can help her fellow brethren out of a jam and get them the help she needs.

All while helping Nick, and potentially the council out, she's quickly made herself an invaluable member of the team; at times she even surpasses Hank or Monroe in terms of both usefulness and helpfulness to Nick. Monroe's really hit the jackpot with Rosalee.

Adalind and Meisner's trip in the Swiss Alps is quickly coming to end, much like Sebastien did. It's good that Sebastien got a hero's exit after being tortured for their location.

The creepy baby situation continues to make me wonder about Adalind. They tell her that she has her powers back, but who is really in control, her or the royal baby? I don't believe Adalind would willing control a man to kill himself with his gun using her powers in front of her own baby.

It's counter intuitive to Adalind's character right now. 

Monroe and Rosalee asking Nick and Juliette to be their best man and maid of honor begins to (finally) answer the question of why Monroe continues to hang around Nick despite their friendship being one sided. He likes all the good changes Nick's brought in it. Without Nick, he'd still probably be the mild clock fixer. Nick's enriched his life with Rosalee and adventure (and some crazy things too) and he wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Nick's nightmare of having to take out most of the family's at the wedding brings on a whole new idea of red wedding. While it's not touched upon anymore right now, it's an interesting point of view that I hadn't considered.

With Monroe and Rosalee being mostly distant from their families, I assumed it would always be a very small, intimate ceremony.

Two few more thoughts:

  • Wu is back to being first on the scene for homicide. This is rather sobering news for his character.
  • Congratulations to Grimm for getting a fourth season!

Is Nick being a Grimm going to cause havoc at the wedding?

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