Hart of Dixie: Watch Season 3 Episode 15 Online

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A man named Chicken, 90's R&B music, baby Goats and a renaissance fair. What do all of these random topics have in common?

They all appeared in Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 15.

Chicken -  the man not the animal - was suing Zoe and Joel for an alleged "neck injury" he sustained while fixing their new home. All the while, George realized that he was now a sad country song about how sad his life was.

Elsewhere, Wade and Vivian tred to celebrate their three month anniversary until Rose and Harley ruined it by stealing an adorable baby goat.

Lemon continued to struggle between choosing hottie #1 or hottie #2. When she realizes she couldn't decide, she suggested that Carter and Enrique duel it out for her heart at the renaissance fair.

All's fair in love and war... that is, until Mayor Lavon Hayes showed up. See it all unfold when you Watch Hart of Dixie online.

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