Helix Review: Her Father's Eyes

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The fact that Hatake is Julia's father probably surprised absolutely no one.

Actually, in an earlier Helix review, I posed the question "are Hatake and Julia related?" We now know that they are, but more on that later.

On Helix Season 1 Episode 9 we learned of the existence of Level X, which houses the virus vault. In order to keep Narvik A & B out of Ilaria's hands, our heroes journeyed to the bowels of the base to destroy the samples.

Naturally, that's easier said than done, since the vectors have abandoned Level R and taken up residence in Level X.

I found it interesting that Alan would allow Sarah to be used as bait to trap a vector. For a smart guy, Alan sure is clueless. Just when we thought with Sutton's head on ice things would calm down a bit, Hatake informs everyone she was just a messenger. Next up, a full army! Though we didn't meet that particular threat this week, I'm sure they'll make an appearance soon.

Hatake has this way of answering questions, yet withholding the really important details. When Julia confronts him about the photo of her as a child standing by his side, he says they had met before.

I also mentioned a while back that Montana and the cabin seemed like an implanted memory. I like the way the writers resolved this by showing us the summer cabin tucked away underneath Level X. I had a feeling Julia's imaginary friend Jaye would come into play again, but never dreamed she would turn out to be her mother. That was a very cool twist and I'm sure we will learn more next week.

There have been many nasty scenes in Helix this season, but the "20 Vectors, One Cup" scene, as Neil Napier (Peter Farragut) referred to it on Twitter, takes the cake. I almost threw up in my mouth a little, yuck!

Alan comes up with an elaborate plan to freeze the vectors in Level X. Once dormant, he and Jules make their way to the virus vault to destroy Narvik A & B. I wonder if Alan is honestly ready to go down with the ship? Or is burning the base down with everyone inside just tough talk?

It's like a who's who of mass epidemics in here.


Meanwhile, a locked up Balleseros is given a new roommate. Sutton's right hand man joins him in lock up. I knew instantly this guy's days were numbered. Redbeard informs our murdering, psychotic Major that Sutton sent a squad to kill Anana and her people. No loose ends.

Since Balleseros has a soft spot for Anana, he kills redbeard and sets out to save her. For two guys that hate each other, Balleseros and Daniel sure did decide rather quickly to work together. I guess they both care for Anana, but I don't buy it so... whatever.

I was surprised to see Sarah freak out when the temperature hit dangerous levels. I imagine the hypothermia caused her seizure right? Either way, the secret of her tumor needed to come out. We only have four more episodes left after all.

The fact that the Narvik A & B container was empty didn't come as a shock. What did come as a shock, was good 'ol Dr. Cryogenics packing it away and walking off with it. Not good at all.

Before the vectors fully thaw out, Julia spots her initials again. This time on the floor near a trapdoor. Once inside, she realizes it's a recreation of her mother's cabin in Montana. It was great to finally make sense of the cabin arc, wasn't it? Things are coming together.

Julia: When I was hallucinating, he [Peter] said it's about you Julia,
it's always been about you.
Alan: Might have been your subconscious talking.
Julia: Or it might be the reason we're all here.

For all the screeching and threatening coming from vector Peter, Julia easily held them off. Again, not with her silver eyes but something else. She mentions this detail to Alan as well. What do you think this is all about?

The Balleseros, Daniel, Anana B-story came together quickly. They take out Ilaria's soldiers and save the day. The best moments were between Daniel and his twin, Toluk (Meegwun Fairbrother doing his best Orphan Black). I loved the subtle differences in the characters and how Meegwun played those scenes. Major props to my man Meegwun, who has officially become one of my favorite characters on the show.

So, Sarah's surgery didn't work because the tumor is too close to her spine. Now Alan knows about it, though he claims he knew but ignored the signs. I loved the goofy moment where Sarah blurts out "sleep with me again Alan" in front of Julia. It made for an awkward exchange with some priceless glances between the actors.

Hatake comes clean at the end, removing his contact lenses and saying proudly "You have your father's eyes." I can't wait to see if we get a flashback of how Hatake and Jaye first met. Little Julia playing with a young Miksa on the base perhaps?

What are you most looking forward to seeing in next week's episode? It's time to start theorizin' again people, knock yourselves out! Remember, you can Watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic if you've missed an episode.

Do you think Dr. Victor Adrian (Cryogenics) works for Ilaria? Or will he sell the virus to the highest bidder?

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Helix Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

It's like a who's who of mass epidemics in here.


Julia: When I was hallucinating, he [Peter] said it's about you Julia,
it's always been about you.
Alan: Might have been your subconscious talking.
Julia: Or it might be the reason we're all here.