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This week, on How i Met Your Mother Season 9 episode 20, Marshall learns Lily has been hiding a secret.

When Marshall discovered The Captain was somehow involved, he goes to his home to confront him. As they are about to duel, Ted believes he has solved the mystery.

Robin catches up with her mother, who sends Robin into a panic when she shares stories about her own wedding to Robin's dad. Lily calls Barney to tell him to get back to the hotel, only to realize she is busted when Barney tells her where they are.

It turns out Lily is pregnant and Marshall tells her they are going to live in Italy after all. Barney meets Robin's mother for the first time and gives her a huge hug.

The episode ends in Italy a year later, where we see Marshall are Lily arguing over Funyons in Italian. Lily's dad pushes a stroller into the scene and we meet Daisy Eriksen for the first time. Hooray!

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

Marshall: Well it's official. I'm going to be Judge Marshall Eriksen.
Ranjit: That is great. Can you help me get a driver's license?
Barney: A what?

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No I'm not okay, because apparently I'm marrying my dad in a few hours.