Legit Review: Back to School

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High school reunions are the perfect places to relive those glory days, right?

Unfortunately, not if you’re Jim, Steve and Billy. And count Rodney out, especially if The Apprentice is on.

Legit Season 2 Episode 4 put the gang back in high school for a complete awkward-fest of drunk antics, first loves and mistaken identities.

HIgh School Reunion

Billy stole the show - hands down - with his nonchalant attitude as he pretended to be “Randall,” conjuring up stories about why he was in a wheelchair and the subtle one liners he would dish out.

His laughing at Steve’s misfortune (telling everyone he was dead was funny) and cracking up at the silliness of the event made you wish you were hanging out with Billy. He clearly enjoyed himself even if it wasn’t even his class year.

Poor Steve. He continued to get the short end of the stick despite trying to have the time of his life. But as his comb-over went all over the place and the drinks started flowing, it went from bad to worse. The girl he had his first time with turned out to be a man, one of the twin brothers he was making fun of was dead (again, Billy laughing) and his name was spelled wrong on the screen.

You just want to help the guy out, but also can’t help but watch the train wreck that’s become his life.

As for Jim, despite a few jokes about being on TV three times, and the general uncomfortable conversations with people he hadn't seen in years, his story was much more serious.

He was able to rekindle, if briefly, with the girl he wanted to wait to have sex for. This was perhaps the one that got away (not like the one that turned out to be a racist in Legit Season 2 Episode 3).

There was something cute watching him and Kate talk and reminisce about the “good” times. I couldn’t help but think, this might be a good step for Jim. She might be the one that helps him get back on track.

But the major bomb drop that seemed to come out of nowhere and helped explain their breakup was that she had an abortion. Wow. Did not see that coming, especially in such a serious way.

And I know Legit is all jokes and raunchy humor, but there’s those human moments that make you see the characters as people.

We all know Jim helps out Steve and Billy, but getting to actually see him do those little things at the end (with some old school Blink 182 music in the background) reinforced his good nature.

Sure, things might have turned out differently in his life if he had a kid, if he stayed with Kate. But for now, he’s doing what he can, and it was a sweet moment watching Steve and his daughter, with Jim there to help out.

Maybe Jim can help out with Steve’s drinking problem, too. In the end, though, it’s good to see that despite all their problems, the trio is ultimately there for each other, just trying to make right with the world one day at a time.

Would you go to your high school reunion?

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