Lost Girl Review: Over and Over Again

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Hmm. What an opening. I'm not really sure what to make of it.

The car wash scene at the gas station was released as an early promo for Lost Girl season 4. As a teaser, it worked. It showcased how people see Bo in a sensual way and highlighted the love triangle with Dyson and Lauren.

As a scene in Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 8, it didn't work at all. It felt artificial and over the top. Bo didn't look sensual, but ridiculous and that went for Lauren and Dyson's reactions as well. What works as a music video or a promo, doesn't necessary work in episodic television.  

Though, this season of Lost Girl has seemed to favor over the top actions more than the first three seasons. I used to feel like I was watching real people with genuine feelings for each other. Now, most of the time I see caricatures of the characters they used to be. "Groundhog Fae" definitely felt that way from the gas station to the candy factory.

Bo was once again left on her own. Her friends and lovers ditched her for some unexplained reason and she woke up in the car. When she entered the party she was bombarded by crazy party goers. At least she was saved initially by Bruce. And, then the time loop began. She went through the same time period again and again.

Then Tamsin kissed Bo. Whoa! Hot stuff since Tamsin figured it wouldn't matter. She didn't realize she wasn't the only one in the time loop. Together Tamsin and Bo started to figure out what was going on. People were being taken. The time loop itself was not all that interesting, but the information gained from it was.

Trick (again, another over the top character this week) admitted he was avoiding Bo and the Wanderer issue. He was scared of the Wanderer. Poor Bo! That had to make her even more freaked out about the whole situation.

The other secret that was revealed was Tamsin's involvement in the Wanderer finding Bo. I was glad to see that Bo didn't hold it against Tamsin. The Valkyrie didn't know Bo when she made the deal and she honestly didn't believe that such a person as Bo would ever exist. Is the Wanderer Bo's father? Tamsin thinks the only way the Wanderer could have found who he was looking for was if he created it himself. Kinda crazy!

While Bo was dealing with the time loop, Lauren and Dyson were working out their own issues. The two of them are kinda cute together. It was nice to see them acknowledge they don't hate each other any more. They've become friends and even if they love the same woman, they are good together. Should they hook up? I wouldn't mind, but I doubt that would ever happen.

Instead, I'd like to see Lauren and Dyson be besties and do what's right for Bo. Plus, the two of them and then add in Vex ... that could be a comedy. While Lauren went to fix Vex's hand, Dyson passed out and Kenzi took the box that was intended for Bo. I'm not sure if they will regret leaving it there or not.

In the end, that will depend on whether Bo actually sent it to herself or not. If she did, it's likely something to help her fix her current predicament. If not, then it's probably from the Wanderer and something extremely dangerous. Either way, I hope the jar of black stuff will help Bo resolve her relationship with the Wanderer. He needs to show up and soon.

The only real happy moment of the hour was that Kenzi and Hale finally hooked up. I'm glad Hale cleared up how he used the time loop. He didn't take advantage of her, instead he wanted to make the moment perfect for her. He's such a nice guy and it's good that she's found someone.

With the season more than half over, I hope the show focuses a bit more on the serious story with Bo and the Wanderer and less on the over the top antics. Those used to be funny in small doses, but they've been overused this season. Plus, Lost Girl has been picked up in Canada for season 5, so there's plenty of story time left. 

Syfy hasn't announced whether it will air the show in the United States or not.

Was the opening car wash scene over the top?

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