Louie Season 4 Premiere Date, Bonus Episode Added

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Following a lengthy, self-imposed hiatus Louis CK is returning to FX.

The network announced today that Season 4 of the unusual comedy Louie will premiere on Monday, May 5 with back-to-back episodes.

In fact, the series will air a set of back-to-back episodes for seven weeks through June 16.

It's Louie!

Said John Landgraf, CEO, FX Networks and FX Productions in a statement:

“Louis said he needed extra time between seasons three and four of his show because – even though Louie was the most critically acclaimed television comedy series in America – he needed to make it even better. Based on the first three episodes we’ve seen, remarkably, he accomplished his goal.”

FX had originally given the green light for 13 Louie Season 4 episodes, but to make this back-to-back arrangement work, the comedian agreed to a bonus installment.

Watch Louie online now to catch up and let the countdown to the return of this terrific series begin.

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