Nashville Review: Flirting with Disaster

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Thank you, Luke Wheeler, for finally pointing out what I've always thought: those paintings of the girls in Rayna's bedroom are kind of creepy.

All joking aside, Nashville Season 2 Episode 16 finally brought us the moment so many of us predicted weeks ago. Juliette will be joining Rayna's label!

It's been a long road and we all saw it coming, but what finally got Juliette to ask for Rayna's help was a process that showed us a lot of the growth viewers have been arguing about in Juliette.

The Juliette we first met in Nashville season 1 was a pop princess manufactured by the label. That Juliette would have jumped at all those luxurious gifts the new labels were sending to her.

I'm not saying that Juliette has turned into someone who is constantly poised and controlled - because we all know she isn't. Hell, that stunt with the $10K champagne was ballsy, but I'm not gonna sit here and say I didn't love it.

What I mean about Juliette is that she's starting to realize how important it is to have the right people around her, those who actually care about her, respect her and will help stay on a better path.

Juliette's gut is changing. She knew in Nashville Season 2 Episode 15 that Howie V and all that hoopla was just backpedaling. She knew she couldn't accept Glenn's resignation without a fight because he's the one who has always fought for her.

This week she knew that the respect of Avery, the guy who helped her in her worst moments, was more important than that d-bag Jeff Fordham.

She took a risk, but she's making her decisions with some integrity now. I'm sure it felt a little weird having to put herself at Rayna's mercy, but like I said before: we all knew it was coming. Tandy's slip-ups over the money were just another bump on the journey for Highway 65. Rayna's been struggling since before the label was even founded and now losing Liam is taking another huge hit.

Of course, losing Liam was Rayna's choice. I have to say I didn't initially agree with this. I thought Scarlett's a big girl and she can handle herself, but can she?

Everyone's biggest complaint all season was about how "whiney" Scarlett has seemed and how she couldn't handle her fame. By the end of the episode, I realized that maybe Liam leaving wasn't such a bad thing.

She didn't seem too torn up about it. Plus, Liam was the one feeding the pill habit and pushing her too hard. Yes, he got great stuff out of her, but Rayna is completely right:

What you need to know is everything he brought out in you was already there. You can't let anybody else control who you are as an artist. You have to own it. Trust me on that. And most importantly trust yourself.

Rayna [to Scarlett]

Scarlett was flirting with disaster when she was with Liam. And with that being the running theme this week, can we talk about Megan and Teddy? Megan went a little bit farther than just flirting and let's just say it's another word that starts with an "F."

I can't say I didn't see it coming, but my question is WHY?

I feel like Megan is attracted to damaged men and being the one who fixes them. Is that messed up of me to say? Whatever. She got together with Deacon after bailing him out of a DUI case that almost killed Rayna. He was admittedly very messed up. Now she keeps going back to help Teddy. I get she is empathetic to him losing his spouse, but it's gone beyond that at this point. Her hand reached over to hold his.

Well, at least I can say I'm proud of Deacon. He avoided temptation in his old AA buddy. Maybe he should just dump Megan and get the pain out by jamming with Avery, Gunnar, and Zoe because they have been rocking these past two weeks! Let's just see how long it all lasts.

With that said...let's see how long it takes Rayna and Juliette to start bickering. What was your reaction to their inevitable collaboration? 

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

The difference is I'm a grown up and that girl is a kid. A very fragile kid.

Rayna [about Scarlett]

I loved the woman I thought I knew. I never would've married this. Or done what I did.


Nashville Season 2 Episode 16 Music

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