Once Upon a Time Round Table: "New York City Serenade"

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Emma's life with Henry looked blissfully normal in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 12 - until her boyfriend turned into an evil flying monkey. You think you know a guy, right?!?

Our TV Fanatics of Carla Day, Michelle Calbert, Robin Harry, and Jim Garner are joined blow by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate Regina and Snow's new dynamic, along with who disappointed them the most in "New York City Serenade"


Do you like the new dynamic between Regina and Snow?

Carla: It was a refreshing change, though I'm sure that it won't last. With Regina's castle taken over, I expect that Snow and Regina will have very different views on how to handle it. Plus, now that they are back in Storybrooke, they won't remember that heartfelt moment. Regina should be thankful to Snow that her heart wasn't left behind.

Gareth: I loved the moment with Regina and Snow. It was such a huge progression for their character arcs. I hope we get more tender moments like that. It was great to see the Evil Queen stripped back and emotionally exposed. I’m interested to see how this new alliance will work long term. Will Snow and Regina ever get to a point where they are close and truly regard each other as family? I hope so. 

Michelle: Very much! I've always enjoyed the little moments that those two have had when they've been able to drop their conflict and be friends. But they were always short-lived since Regina was basically the only Big Bad in the beginning. Once Pan came along and now the Wicked Witch, it's nice to see that she can have more layers than just evil.

Robin: I LOVE it. I'm glad that they were able to keep the working relationship that they developed from Neverland, and I love how they both referred to the castle as "our" castle. I sincerely hope they never revert back to the old ways.

Jim: I do. Regina is like a recovering addict, Snow is a bit like her sponsor. Regina may slip, but Snow has faith in her even when Regina doesn't. But, Regina seems to be trusting Snow, so it's working for them. 

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Did you have any idea that Walsh was evil?

Carla:  I didn't necessarily think he was evil, but I did suspect he wasn't just a nice guy from New York. I was curious about the scar on his neck as It seemed important. I feel bad saying this, but I'm glad he wasn't just a poor guy whose heart Emma broke.

Gareth: I had an inkling he might turn out to be a monkey when the monkey was shot in the neck by Robin Hood. It matched the place where Walsh’s scar was and the camera did seem to linger over that scar for a while so I guessed it was important. Emma’s lie detector skill is seriously faulty. She needs a better super power!  

Michelle: Not at the very beginning, but I became suspicious pretty quick. I did not, however, have any inkling that he would turn out to be a flying monkey. I completely missed the scar thing so when he turned it brought a gasp (and maybe a few curse words) out of me. Frankly, I'm happy I had no clue. The reveal was so much more fun that way. 

Robin: I had no idea - totally missed the scar thing. I knew he wouldn't be permanent though; a love quadrilateral would have been a bit much for poor Emma - girl can't catch a break.

Jim: Like Carla, I was curious about the scar on his neck, I wish it had been revealed. I thought there might be more to him, but I didn't peg him as a shape-shifted evil flying monkey.

Were you happy that Hook went to NY to retrieve Emma? Should it have been Neal or someone else?

Carla: Yes. I'm not sure she should be coupled with a Hook, but I'm glad he was one one to get her. She wouldn't have believed Neal.  And it's likely he was the only one who could get her since he was outside the Enchanted Forest.

Gareth: I think there might be a very good reason as to why Neal didn't go after Emma in New York. Neal mentioned about the curse last night and I got this awful feeling that we might see him follow his father’s footsteps and make the same mistakes. Everybody is focusing on the Wicked Witch being the one who sends them back to Storybrooke. It would be a really cool twist to learn it was actually Neal who cast it in order to get back to our world. 

Michelle: I think Hook going to get Emma is perfect. I have a hard time deciding whether I want Emma with Hook or Neal because I feel that both men could be good for her in their own way. But it made sense for Hook to take on a mission like that. Before we knew that he hadn't been in the Enchanted Forest, I had pictured him volunteering for the job. Emma having no memories of him at all was a good thing as I think she actually would have mistrusted Neal more, since (in her mind) he was the man who had abandoned her and her child. 

Robin: I was glad it was Hook. I agree with everyone else - she wouldn't have believed Neal at all.  Hook also has the right combination of charm and sincerity; he was the best choice.

Jim: I'm still wondering why the frak Neal didn't leave with Emma in the first place. He wasn't brought to Storybrooke by the curse, he should have been able to leave! So, no, I was not happy with Hook. But I gotta say, for a guy with a coat-rack for a left hand, he sure does get around. 

How do you think Regina will react if Henry doesn't remember her?

Carla: She'll be devastated and work on a potion or spell to return his memory. If there was one for Emma, there should be one for him too. 

Gareth: I think she will be devastated initially, however just having him back in her life will be a relief for her long term. I love how the roles have reversed. Now Emma is the believer and has to get Henry on side. I also loved all the little references to the pilot in this episode. 

Michelle: How else would a mother react except to be completely heartbroken? But I too think she will immediately begin working on a way to reverse the spell. After all, she made it, so I'm sure she can reverse it. I just wonder if it might take a while, which will mean she'll have to interact with Henry before he remembers. I'm actually very interested to see how that goes. 

Robin: I think she'll expect it, since she was the one who created the spell that caused the forgetting. Though she'll probably wish she left her heart in the Enchanted Forest.

Jim: Oh, I'm sure she will be all hurt and weepy, right up till someone conveniently finds another dose of the memory potion. Then they both will be happy to see each other. 

What character disappointed you the most?

Carla:  Aurora. Seriously, why didn't she warn them? That was a real bitch move.  Hope we don't see her again, I'm that upset about it?

Gareth: Aurora. After all the adventures she had with Snow and Emma, I felt she owed it to them to be honest. They did help get her heart back from Cora. She let fear of the Wicked Witch cloud her better judgment and has probably sent them all blind into a very dangerous situation. 

Michelle: Definitely Aurora. I understand she was scared, but to not warn your friends of an imminent danger is an awful thing to do. Not nice, Aurora. Not nice. 

Robin: I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Aurora was a waste. Honestly, would it have been so bad to warn the gang and then go tell the Wicked Witch? 

Jim: I'm with Carla on this one. Aurora is a serious two faced bi...WItch! Sure, tell on them if you must, but at least give them a heads up. 

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode?

Carla:  There were quite a few highlights, but the one that sticks out and that we will probably never see again was Emma and Henry leading a "normal" life. I loved watching them play video games together. It was sweet and showed a touching mother-son bond. 

Gareth:  Definitely the Snow & Regina scene. It felt like big character moments were cut out in this episode in order to get the plot moving and set up all the new pieces. I appreciated moments where the pace slowed down a bit and we got those more emotional scenes. Regina was also on top form sass wise! I enjoyed her meeting with Robin Hood. "He smells like Forest”

Michelle: When Emma finally remembered Hook and everything started going back to normal - she put her red leather jacket back on and he put his hook back on and they went back to their normal banter. My favorite line of the whole episode was when Henry asked why Hook was wearing his odd clothes and Hook countered by asking why Henry was wearing what he was. It was just one of those little moments that made it feel like everything was back the way it should be. 

Robin: I'm torn. I loved Snow and Regina's moments (he smells like forest), but Hook leaving jail and complaining about being force-fed bologna almost killed me.  I could not stop laughing.  

Jim: I loved Emma, David and Mary Margaret's reunion, such a cute family!

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