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On Parenthood Season 5 Episode 16, Sarah chooses Sarah and Kristina gets the results of her one year cancer checkup while Camille wonders why Zeek sent Crosby to fight his battle.

Kristina awaits news of her annual checkup while she and Adam visit Max's English teacher to understand why he took away their son's chair -- only to learn he may be the one of the most important people they'll ever meet.

Hank sticks his neck out to get his point across to Sarah, but only tells her half of the story. He influences her decision. Will it be one she can live with?

Drew and Amber are a hot to trot brother and sister duo lookin' for action at a college party. Do either of them get lucky?

Crosby takes it upon himself to insert his opinion about selling the house to his mother by calling her selfish. She doesn't take well to that comment and accuses Zeek of asking Crosby to fight his battles.

Julia reconnects with Ed and he has some surprising information to share with her.

Find out about all of this and more when you watch Parenthood online. Don't miss a single minute of all the Braverman action!

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

OK. Look, I'm sorry for comin' by and I'm sorry for whatever part I played in this, but if you honestly think that I'm the sole reason that you and Joel are having problems then you're fooling yourself. And if you really want your marriage back, you're going to have to dig a little deeper.


Julia: Thank God green week is over.
Ed: The environment is such a pain in the ass.
Julia: It really is.