Pretty Little Liars Review: In Recovery

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It seemed like all Pretty Little Liars were in recovery this week.

Spencer was getting over her pill addiction, Aria was trying to forget Ezra's betrayal, Hanna started to move on with Travis and Emily was looking to recover some necessary information from Mona.

And we are recovering from the disappointment of finding out that Ezra is not A in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22 took a step back from the high drama of the last few episodes to help the girls find their bearings and bring us back into the confusing world of the mystery of A. Now that Ezra is being discarded as an A candidate, Pretty Little Liars needs to put a new suspect in our sights.

And that new suspect is ... Mrs. DiLaurentis.

The revelation is not necessarily disappointing, but like many things about the show,  the A drama is getting old. Over the past four seasons, very little has been definitively revealed. We know that Alison is alive, but we still don't know why she decided to leave and pretend to be dead.

Is Alison afraid of A? What is A's relationship to Alison? Does A want Alison back or is A trying to kill Alison? Is Alison even in danger?

None of these questions have been answered, and we can only hope this new A candidate will shed some light on these mysteries.

So, how does Mrs. Di fit into the show as a suspect? Aria (after a wild and crazy Ezra detox in Syracuse) confronted Ezra and told him to just leave town. Should Ezria fans give up hope now? Should Riley, Aria's Syracuse love interest, make a return visit to the show?

Ezra countered by saying he had canceled his book and returned the advance. But he also told Aria to read his manuscript because it had information she might need. Like that... Ezra suspected that Alison's mom was A.

Like other past candidates, Mrs. Di makes sense, but at this point, there are so many threads to connect that it gets confusing to keep the larger picture straight.

So what's the evidence against Mrs. Di?

For one, Spencer's crazed questions/confession before she was put in rehab might have given Mrs. Di some information she didn't have before. After Spencer admitted that she might have buried Alison, she got dirt in her bed and a threatening note from A. Then, Mrs. Di made a comment about Spencer's clean sheets.

Coincidence? Maybe.

It was certainly compelling for Spencer, who seems to have convinced herself that she beat Alison with that shovel before burying her.

Those recalled memories are pretty intriguing, but as Dean pointed out, it's probably not a good idea to start recovering memories based on what other people say. It can really alter what you remember. If only her parents would just tell her what happened that summer!

Emily found out that Mona was working with Ezra to both get information and keep some of her illegal activities out of the book. Her deal with Ezra negatively affected her relationship with Mike, so much so that she had to dump him to keep Mike out of trouble. Mona said that it wasn't CeCe who took the game with the map from Radley back in Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 23.

Could it have been Mrs. Di?

Maybe we'll find out next week when that strange wedding dress makes an appearance. Seriously, what's the deal with Spencer wearing a wedding dress?

Do you think Mrs. DiLaurentis could be A?

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