Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "A is for Answers"

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Welcome to the round table forĀ Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 24, the episode where Alison shared all of her answers and lives were left hanging in the balance.

Below, staff writers Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica break the finale, debating all we learned and what it may all mean on Pretty Little Liars Season 5.

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Did all the A is for Answers business live up to the hype?

Teresa: Not really. The show is really good at giving answers that don't really resolve anything.

Leigh: The girls got answers about that night and some longer standing stuff like Ezra, Toby, and the truth about Spencer.

Nick: Yes and no, getting some answers about the night Ali went missing and watching her systematically narrow down the list of A suspects was fantastic. Plus, super sexy Noel Kahn had three seconds of airtime! Yet another season finale has went by however that we don't get to see who A really is and that's gotten very old.

Carissa: It didn't for me. It was much like a recent Arrow episode; more of a gift to fans for being patient and waiting to see all of this played out before their eyes. I don't think we'll ever have answers for this show.

Mona was playing in the dollhouse and A still plays in the dollhouse. What does that mean?

Teresa: A picked up Mona's penchant for creepy dolls.

Leigh: That they are creeps. Mona plays a much larger role in the A-team than she fronts. She had that lair before Ali even got hit.

Nick: I love Mona, but it's never a good idea to count her out. Mona wants to play still, but we don't know if she wants to play with the liars or use them as pawns.

Carissa: I'm with Nick on this one. She may be the one behind it all. Just because her story was told doesn't mean she's out as A Number One. She has sewing skills and is fantastic at playing everyone for fools -- even psychiatrists.

Is Mrs. D dead or will someone pull her out of the dirt?

Teresa: I think Mrs. Di has been dead this whole time. I think it was her twin who tried to kill Ali and then she murdered her sister and buried her. Maybe that's the body the police found.

Leigh: The PLL writers never like to say never. I think she's a goner though.

Nick: She certainly looks dead! If Ali's story is any indication though it's that being buried doesn't mean you're actually dead. So there's definitely a chance that she'll be pulled out yet. Or maybe they'll somehow use her for a cover up.

Carissa: It would be cool if she just disappeared and that started a new mystery, but it will probably take as long to find out if she's in that grave as it did for us to find out Ali wasn't in hers. I like Teresa's twin theory. I want twins already!

Why didn't Hanna shoot the hooded wonder when she had the gun?

Teresa: I have to imagine shooting someone is really hard, even if they are trying to kill you.

Leigh: She wanted an explanation not just a body. Plus I'm sure she was shaking holding that thing.

Nick: Seriously! It's not like the Marin's haven't played with guns and murder charges before. What's a kneecapping between family, friends, and tormentors?

Carissa: Again, I stand with Nick. A little toe shot or even an elbow graze would have kept that person from jumping across the buildings. Opportunity lost.

Odds that Ezra is really dead?

Teresa: Slim to none. Ezria is big draw for PLL.

Leigh: Zero. Pretty sure he's slated to start filming again soon. But I bet he will be in a coma and wake up with some amnesia about who A is.

Nick: About the same odds as Rosewood not having bear traps in the woods. Zero.

Carissa: Absolutely zero. He'd more likely get his own spin-off with kids his own age than ever be killed off. Why even waste the blanks and fake blood??

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