Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "She's Come Undone"

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Welcome to the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 Round Table!

This week, we're wondering if Paige is in for a world of hurt after potentially drawing attention to the Liars with a note to the police; about Ali being alive; and whether it might be time for the series to start sticking to it's reveals.

To find out what else is on the table, read on and join staff writers Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica by hitting the comments with your own answers.


With all the chances Paige is taking, do you think she might be the next death? Aren't we about due?

Leigh: I don't think Ali will take kindly to what Paige just did. I really don't think Emily will. She gave Emily and ultimatum and then turned around and did exactly what Emily asked her not to do. Sorry but I'm not on Team Paige. Over it.

Teresa: I don't think so, but I think Emily is due for a big betrayal. Obviously Paige tipping off the police about Alison is a betrayal, but not a major one. Especially in comparison with Toby joining the A-team, Ezra writing a tell-all, and Caleb leaving Rosewood for Ravenswood. Maybe Paige will be the next candidate for A.

Carissa: Whoever A is isn't going to take kindly to what she just did, and you know there were eyes on her. A is everywhere. It wouldn't surprise me at at all if someone killed her. At the very least, her relationship with Emily can't possibly last.

PLL RT - depreciated -

If Spencer thinks she might have hurt Ali, but Ali's alive, who did she hurt? Ali's not dead so isn't all of that worry moot (beside the fact Spencer loses control on pills)?

Leigh: Ali still got hit in the head that night and buried alive. So Spencer might've hit her and ran? I'm not sure though. I definitely don't think Spencer buried her alive. Excited to see what Troian Bellasario calls her "Patrick Bateman moment."

Teresa: Well, I think someone did hit Alison over the head and then try to bury her thinking she was dead. Grunwald was able to pull her out before she suffocated. I don't think Spencer should be so worried. If she had gone crazy and knocked Alison out and then buried her, wouldn't her clothes been covered in dirt?

Carissa: Oh yeah! I forgot Ali was buried alive. Well, she was such a bitch, she kinda deserved a little punishment, right? LOL.

With all of the men in Hanna's life (some not so appropriate), how would you feel if Caleb never came back to Rosewood?

Leigh: I like Caleb a lot. They parted on good terms on Ravenswood so it could really go either way. Sometimes I like independent Hanna a lot better though. Kinda neutral on this.

Teresa: That would be really sad. Travis has zero personality, and Detective Holbrook is yet another older man acting inappropriately in Rosewood (at least he has company, Wren and Ezra!). Caleb had such a great relationship with Hanna, and they really complemented each other nicely.

Carissa: It seems like Hanna is more alive now that Caleb is gone. I'm kind of holding a grudge knowing what he said in Ravenswood, that he felt like he was pushed by his dad to be with Hanna. Travis is sweet (and hot).

If you were Aria, would writing and publishing the book be the thing that ruined your relationship with Ezra? Explain.

Leigh: The book is just a piece of what ruined things. It is a good representative of the things that tore it all apart: being lied to, finding out I was used, finding out my boyfriend hooked up with my allegedly dead best friend, being stalked and tortured along with my friends...shall I go on?

Teresa: Yes. I think Aria had a certain expectation of trust with Ezra. Trusting that he wouldn't take every one of her deeply held secrets and tell them. Ezra has not only exposed her secrets, he's publishing them so the whole world can see them. Trust is a difficult thing to rebuild. It just might be impossible for them.

Carissa: That would add to it, but for me I would start to question everything he ever told me. If I couldn't trust him about that, then how could I trust anything he said? It would snowball. I found it interesting she focused so much on that one aspect.

Imagine how the show could progress forward while sticking to its reveals. For example, Toby on the A Team. Ezra a A. Does every reveal HAVE to be pulled back in order for the show to continue?

Leigh: If every reveal was pulled back the four girls wouldn't be able to trust anyone outside of the four of them. However, not every reveal should be pulled back. It's hard to make any progress and it's getting quite ridiculous. Speaking of...who is Aria hooking up with in next week's previews?

Teresa: Hmmm....I don't think every reveal needs to be undone. Some might have slowed the show to halt, like Mona being A. Mona was just a little too small-time to be the big bad of the show (no offense, Mona, you are pretty wicked sometimes). But Toby being on the A-team would've given some actual motivation for Spencer's drug abuse. Ezra being A would have given a puppet-master to lead the army of unseen and unknown As. There are a lot of shows that tell us who the villain is and let us watch them operate while giving us possible motivations for their behavior. That might make PLL a better show.

Carissa: It seems like we all agree. It's getting a lot like Vampire Diaries where the surprises don't make you catch your breath anymore because you don't expect them to stick. When there is no real sense of impending danger, it kind of gets pointless. There isn't even any good romance anymore. What the heck??

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