Resurrection Review: Disturbing the Dead

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Whatever brought back the dead to Arcadia, it isn't just a miracle.

Things start out innocent enough in Resurrection Season 1 Episode 2 but, sure enough, something's a little off with Caleb Richards.

It was his story that brought the most tension and concern, but he's also connected himself to Jacob so it's all open. I'm definitely intrigued.

Secrets are coming out of the woodwork, and for being such a sweet, sleepy little town, the citizens of Arcadia aren't afraid to hold them against each other. 

Lucille decides to let Jacob be Jacob, against the advice of Marty and after the parents of all the town's kids force them off of the ball field when Jacob goes out to play. That stunt is pulled by the woman who spit up the cherry pits in the movie Witches of Eastwick years ago -- does she ever play nice?? She'll be in upcoming episodes, as well.

The first thing I thought was if it was my kid, I'd want him to rub up against Jacob. If he comes back to life, give my kid a helping of that special sauce. Kids are always getting into trouble, it could come in handy.

Marty thought it would probably be best for everyone if Lucille told people Jacob was a distant cousin or nephew until they knew more about him. She mulled that over but ultimately decided that she couldn't hide who he was and didn't want Jacob to have to live a lie any bigger than what he was already dealing with.

Jacob wondered where his stuff was but he remembered dying, so there's a little contradiction there. It could just be a child's mind unable to process what's happening. Tom coming over and playing video games with his old (young) best friend was very touching. When they were in the throes of the game Lucille thought they were fighting. It must have been so wonderful to hear her son being a boy again, even though he was playing games with a grown man.

What's interesting about Lucille is that she's a pragmatist. She believes that Jacob is her son, but she also understands that people need answers. To that end, she is accepting of Marty's need to open Jacob's tomb. Henry prefers to let it be. He's also having trouble accepting Jacob. If the idea of proof didn't frighten him so much, he'd be less likely to care about what's in the tomb.

Sheriff Fred does everything he can to stop Marty from unearthing clues and opening the tomb. He correlates Jacob's tomb with his wife's, although opening one doesn't mean disturbing the other, something that only becomes clear when we're given a view of the space. Fred also notes to Maggie a secret Marty has been keeping for five years. What is it?

Fred is trying to discover who was having the affair with Barbara and that makes Henry uneasy. Marty reminds Fred that the past is knocking at their door. He's correct. They're in a very unusual place. The place usually stays buried until someone brings up the topic, they don't come waltzing back in with stories of their own.

When Maggie learns who was having the affair with her mother, she goes to him and asks if he's her father. He tells her no, and also tells her that he didn't leave her alone that day by the river, but stayed with her until someone arrived. She was always safe. When he goes into the house he tells someone that she found them. Is Barbara alive?

If Barbara is alive, why hasn't she reached out to Maggie? My first thought is that Maggie never knew her mother, so it wouldn't seem urgent to make her acquaintance. The second is that if she was having an affair, perhaps Fred isn't such a good man and she's frightened of him. It has to be Barbara, right? She'll be about the same age as her daughter. How odd that must be.

On to Caleb. He's definitely not a good guy. Ray noticed straight away that he wasn't acting like the dad they remembered, and it seems as thought it is, indeed, an act. There are so many things about him to note. Where to start?!?

He had his suit in which he was cremated, which is just downright freaky. Is there a conspiracy in the town? Was someone stealing bodies and keeping them for some reason? How did his whole body, clothes and all, come back? Good call on Elaine's part to look for the note in his jacket pocket; but Caleb had already removed it and taken it to his bible. That's at least a sign he cares for her and thinks about God.

He said he didn't remember dying, but he remembers it. He was digging a hole in the woods when he had his heart attack. When he goes back he clearly sees it in his mind.  In the hole there's a face -- it looks like skin without a body, so I'm not saying a body (a mask maybe?) -- and he's searching for something. He doesn't find it and he makes someone pay -- with a hammer to the head.

I'm guessing he's a thief and they stole something together, buried it in the woods and the guy took it all. If Caleb was dead, why wouldn't he? What was weird was that the guy didn't seem to recognize Caleb when he opened the door. There are soooo many things that make you go hmmmm in this episode!!

What was in Jacob's tomb? The looks on the faces of Marty and Maggie were mildly shocked, but not so amazed to give much away. What did Caleb want with Jacob on the ball field? Maybe affair guy was in on the heist and killed Barbara. Are others coming back? Are they already there?

I'm hooked. How about you? Hit the comments and talk about this week's installment. Watch Resurrection online to see if you missed any clues. 

What's in Jacob's tomb?

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Now I know these clothes are clean, so I won't be happy unless you come home completely filthy.