Resurrection Review: They Keep Coming Back

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We learned what was in Jacob's tomb in Resurrection Season 1 Episode 3: His little decomposing body in an exact replica of the outfit was found wearing in China.

Who the hell are the returned?

Despite what Caleb's son Ray theorizes, they don't appear to be aliens. We don't know what they are and I fear that you all are going to head off into the wind and not come back for lack of answers.

Something strange has happened in this post-Lost world. Viewer's patience has apparently worn thin. Very, very thin. When answers are expected in the second episode of a television series that hasn't been announced to be limited in scope (and even it was limited to 13 airings), expecting to know the answer to the underlying plot so soon seems awfully demanding.

If we knew exactly what happened with the returned, what would be our motivation as viewers to do the same? Why come back every week knowing fully well why they're here? Is that still scintillating to watch? 

We do know that Jacob (and therefore unlikely any of the returned) was not resurrected. His body is still entombed as it was last seen, in a coffin behind a cement slab. How Jacob has the DNA and the memories of the Jacob that was lost is a mystery.

Is it a scientific mystery or one of faith? Henry and Lucille have apparently dealt with the death of their son for the last 32 years in very different ways. It's shocking that they remained together through his death when such a discrepancy could very easily have caused a rift in their marriage too big to fix.

Henry has carried the image of his son with him every day since he died and has blamed himself for Jacob's death because he was the one who gave to Jacob his love of the river. Only now, with this new Jacob appearing on his doorstep can he admit to Lucille that he cannot understand how she ever let Jacob go, especially so much that she easily let this (for lack of a better word) doppelganger in.

After 32 years it seems their marriage might finally suffer the fate that was hidden because of what they held back. Was Jacob sent back to them by God or some other intervening force to command them to face this dilemma for a specific purpose? 

It's difficult to imagine what higher power would come up with this cunning plan but leave the pieces in place to give so much doubt. Then again, isn't faith about believing in spite of doubt and evidence to the contrary? I don't have answers, I'm merely posing questions to try to make some sense out of Resurrection.

It's odd that the story hasn't taken the next logical turn by now, which is news outlets getting wind of the returned. Caleb is right about the poking and prodding. Scientists would have a field day. Is Arcadia under the dome? Have we crossed series here? It makes no sense that a church full of frightened parishioners hasn't reached out to local media to get an assist in getting their way. 

The story is showing some plot holes and that's concerning so early in the series. While I don't want answers just yet, I'd like to think that the passing of everyday life is connected to Arcadia and they're not somehow cut off from the world. 

Next week the church should be all up in Tom's face when they learn Caleb is a murderer and one of Tom's friends has come back. Yet somehow I don't expect that will be the case. The secrets will be kept just a little longer and that will leave more pieces of the story dangling in the wind.

If you want to try to put more pieces together, you can watch Resurrection online. If something new comes to you, drop it into the comments. Share your thoughts on the questions I brought up. I'm really interested in your thoughts!

Is it odd there's no media presence on these returned yet?

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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Humans built cities for a reason; to protect ourselves from nature.


Henry: What'd you find in there?
Maggie: We found Jacob's remains. Everything was normal. Uncle Henry, I'm sorry we put you through that.