Resurrection: Watch Season 1 Episode 2 Online

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On Resurrection Season 1 Episode 2 secrets about Caleb Richards start to come to light while Lucille Langston wants her son to be a little boy.

Caleb assures everyone that he doesn't recall being dead, but when he gets a free moment he heads to the woods and it's very clear he recalls much more than he's letting on.

Maggie asks the man with whom her mother was having an affair if he is her father. He says no, says he stayed with her until she was safe that day and then goes into the house when she leaves -- there's someone with him.

The other children's parents don't want their kids to play with Jacob. While Jacob is playing, Caleb comes up and speaks with him. Why?

Jacob's body is exhumed. What's in the box?

More questions are coming with every new minute, watch Resurrection online so you don't miss out on the latest phenomenon!

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Resurrection Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Elaine: Is it really you?
Caleb: Who else would it be?

Now I know these clothes are clean, so I won't be happy unless you come home completely filthy.