Revenge Photo Gallery: A Public Showdown

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Another party. Another Grayson confrontation to come on Revenge Season 3 Episode 16.

In just over a week, Margaux's father - the notorious Pascal Marchal - will make a surprise appearance in the Hamptons.

What are his plans and how will they affect his daughter, her magazine and Conrad? And will daddy approve of Margaux's relationship with Jack?

At the latest Hamptons shindig, flashbulbs will light up with what appears to be the happy Graysons when Emily, Daniel and Victoria arrive together, fake smiles plastered across their faces. But it doesn't last long, as the two Mrs. Graysons end up having a very public confrontation.

Check out these photos from "Disgrace," which is set to air Sunday, March 23rd on ABC.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Grace is at the core of tragedy, for if there's no height at which to drop, no pride taken in a life lived, you have nothing to lose. But once in the freefall of disgrace, the only way to change the momentum is to use it to your advantage.


Emily: You're testing me.
Nolan: Just want to make sure you're not going to black out and become your own worst Emily.