Southern Charm Recap: Doing the Charleston

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Ready for a trip to Charleston, TV Fanatics?

We met Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Jenna King, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith on South Charm Season 1 Episode 1, an introduction to the elite class of this South Carolina city.

We quickly learned on the premiere that Ravanel is an especially interesting case: he was state treasurer until he was indicted in 2007 on conspiracy to distribute drugs. Dude actually served six month in prison!

But he's still plotting a political future.

Southern Charm Cast Members

Shepard Rose's family is "basically southern royalty," this cast member tells us, but he isn't kidding: the state dog is named after them. Shep is single and loving it.

Whitney Smith's family "founded America," according to this humble star. He lives with his mother and wants to open a restaurant. He also as a "trail of women running in and out" of the residence, his mother complains.

Craig is in law school and isn't a fan of how his regular job gets in the way of his partying schedule. Really, it's a tough life.

Whitney, meanwhile, throws a party on the premiere and is offended at the idea of Shep going on a "beer run." Thomas, though, has another mission in mind: his political advisor told him to find a wife and - wouldn't you know it? - there's a woman there named Kathryn.

He convinces her to go home with him.

We also get to know Jenna, who recently moved to Charleston and who has been pals with Whitney for years. She and Whitney go to dinner with Cameran, who says she has passed her real estate exam and is looking for a house to sell. She actually supports herself, unlike anyone else on the series.

Shep, Whitney, Craig and Cameran then head to Thomas' polo match. The group goes to the player's home for dinner afterward, where a private catering company has ben hired and where they actually toast to polo (forget world peace!).

Shep is trying to sleep with Jenna this whole time, while Thomas is focused on the kind of wife that would serve him best. A Melanie Wife or a Scarlett Wife?

Yes, these are the kind of problems they face on Southern Charm.

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