Supernatural Picture Preview: Snooki and The First Blade!

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On Supernatural Season 9 Episode 17, Sam and Dean wi have a Crowley problem. 

He's hooked on human blood and has forgotten about his mission to find The First Blade!

The Winchesters first mission is to get Crowley off the juice (which could fill an entire hour with all of the entertainment possibilities) and then to find The First Blade so they can think about their other problem:

Ridding hell of Abaddon.

It turns out having an ally in hell is probably better than having an Abaddon down there, so descending Crowley back onto the throne might look pretty good.

Former member of the Men of Letters (guest star Kavan Smith) might not be all that helpful in the long run, but maybe another guest star will be more fruitful.

When Snooki drops by with her words of wisdom, we have to wonder if she's speaking on behalf of heaven or hell and how she gets her news. The girl does get around!

Flip through the pictures, get your excitement flowing and make sure you're back here for a full review after "Blade Runners" airs on Tuesday! 

For all things Winchester, Crowley and Abaddon, watch Supernatural online for a full fix. 

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