Supernatural Round Table: "Blade Runners"

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Finding the First Blade was only the beginning.

With Sam and Dean recruiting Crowley, the hunt for the First Blade, Men of Letters history and a cameo by Snooki, TV Fanatic panelists Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) were given plenty to discuss for the Supernatural Round Table this week.

Start your fist pumping and join in the debate of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16 now...
Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15
What was your favorite scene?

Carissa: Crowley. Everything Crowley. Watching Casablanca, reading Little Women, whining about the "Anthony Weiner" of it all. I'm so enamored with Mark Sheppard I would eat him like Crowley was eating humans just to get a taste of his brilliance. (On the off chance he's're safe, Mark, really!)

Alice: I’m not sure I had one.  They were all short and one didn’t stand out.  I had a couple of favorite parts though.  I liked that Dean’s cougar moment with the professor at the Antiquities museum.  The lady has some great taste, especially with Dean wearing that dark blazer, dark blue shirt, and blue tie.  It was hard to resist!  The other part is seeing the effect that the First Blade had when in Dean’s hand.  Sam was worried, while Crowley was fascinated.  It does setup some amazing possibilities.

Sean: I really liked Sam trying to snap Dean out of his trance after using the First Blade. It was one of those scenes where not only we got to see Dean use some of his new found super powers, but also get that real brotherly concern from Sam. For all the problems they have and are still facing, it was great to see Sam really look worried for his brother. He's definitely going to need to be there for Dean in the long run.

What did you think of Snooki's cameo?

Carissa: She was a good sport, playing herself as a demon. I never saw an episode of Jersey Shore so maybe the devil did make her do it! Where's the tabloids?!

Alice: I really liked it.  I’ve always liked it though when celebrities come on the show and not take themselves too seriously (yes, even Paris Hilton).  Anyone notice how much shorter she is than Sam and Dean though?  Wow.  They should have not done the exorcism though.  I think she was more fun as a demon.

Sean: My first thought about Snooki as a guest was immediately Paris Hilton's stint and that worked out pretty well. With Snooki her cameo was so short but it was fun from poking at her persona to Sam and Dean's reactions that it was actually her, a demon. It was a nice little touch to the episode.

Were you surprised we didn't see Abaddon at all?

Carissa: Happy, you mean? Yes!

Alice: No, the story was busy enough.  Although it would have been cool to see a confrontation scene between Abaddon and Dean or Abaddon and Crowley.  I know that’s likely coming though, so I just need to be patient.  Or, perhaps this whole part of the story was made up by Crowley to see how Dean would react to holding the blade?  Maybe Abaddon wasn’t a threat at all.  You never know with Crowley.

Sean: Yeah, I was thinking the story was already pretty busy, but for a competition between her and Crowley, she's felt pretty absent this season. And I've got a hard time seeing her dethrone the King of Hell, so I'm curious as to how that climactic showdown is going to go down.

How worried should Sam and Dean be about using the First Blade?

Carissa: Yeah, it seems a lot like the trials Sam was going through. They take a lot out of Dean and he could get more hooked on its power than Crowley was on blood. Considering the story of Cain and Abel, wielding that blade around Sam seems extremely dangerous. Lucifer already did his thing with forcing Sam to turn evil, however, and that's why Cain killed Abel, so Crowley having the blade for now is fine. In an odd way, it's probably best for everyone, just in case.

Alice: Very worried.  It has a control over Dean that he might not be able to fight.  It was only Sam’s words that got through to him this time.  What if Sam isn’t around next time?  Worse yet, what if Sam doesn’t get through the next time?  I do wonder how much that feeling scared Dean and if he still thinks it’s all going to be worth it to kill Abaddon.  I wonder if he’ll ask the question to himself, what happens after he does that?  How will he ever be rid of the burden of the mark?

Sean: They should be very worried. Sam's trials nearly killed him, and I've got a feeling that getting a power from Cain, someone even demons fear, isn't really going to be the fun joyride at the end. Not only is it sort of taking over Dean, but lest we forget, he still has to make good on his promise when Cain calls. Dark times are ahead.

Do you think the brothers will follow through and kill Crowley after they finish off Abaddon?

Carissa: Only if the series doesn't have a 10th season. Oh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! No worries. Crowley is family. He's gold. He's one of the most multifaceted and layered characters on The CW. They'd be crazy to kill him, unless they were creating another spinoff focused on Hell and he could never get out but ruled from below. I'd watch.

Alice: I think they’ll try, but Crowley always seems to be one step ahead.  I can’t imagine he’d ever screw up enough to get himself killed.  Besides, I think he’s working on a grander plan, one that will cement his status forever.  The way he keeps playing Sam and Dean with this first blade thing, there just has to be more to it than what we’re seeing.  I’m just not sure what yet.  Crowley always brings out my inner paranoia!

Sean: It's interesting to think of Supernatural without Crowley. His day is going to have to come at some point though, but I'm sure he'll manage to find a way to stay alive for at least Supernatural Season 10. He's a tough villain to top.

Sean McKenna is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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