Supernatural Round Table: "Captives"

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The rumors of Mama Tran's demise were greatly exaggerated.

From the return of old friends, battles with angels and the major Sam and Dean drama, there was plenty to discuss on this week's Supernatural Round Table.

Join participants Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) as they debate the latest installment.

Grab your favorite coffee maker and let's talk Supernatural Season 9 Episode 14...


What was your favorite scene?

Carissa:  I think it was at the beginning when Dean was talking into the coffee maker and Kevin appeared, pissed that his big breakthrough came at a moment when he had to listen to Dean whining -- again. I also loved the little bit when Dean left a message for Crowley and Sam said "Really Dean? It's your third unanswered voice mail. Ya ever think, maybe he's just not that into you?" LOVE.

Alice: I loved the opener in the MOL bunker.  It was exciting from the go.  First, we got to see all those beautiful sweeping shots of the bunker while a spirit was moving about.  Dean cries out and Sam is alone in the maze so to speak, clearly dealing with a scary ghost situation and a missing brother.  Then the tense situation ends with the unexpected salt round shot from Dean out of nowhere.  Flipping cool.  It’s gets you pretty excited for what’s coming next

Sean: There were actually a lot of cool shots during the hour, but I couldn’t help but love Kevin’s speech to Sam and Dean at the end. It felt like he was saying everything I’d been feeling, but at the same time, the show didn’t jump to the easy fix because of it.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Were you glad Kevin and Mama Tran returned?
Carissa: Honestly, happier to see Mama than Kevin. She's such a hoot and she made Kevin a more interesting character. From the first time she was on screen she was magical. She also took Kevin's death very well. Mama Tran is badass.

Alice: Yes, very glad!  I was wondering if we would ever get closure with them.  I was afraid their story would be left dangling like so many others have in this show.  It was a very clever way to introduce some new canon, that the gates of Heaven are closed to new spirits now too.  That really complicates things and creates a greater urgency to fix Heaven’s problems.  Plus I’m hoping they’ll be able to find a way to bring Kevin back. 

Sean: I thought it was a great way to bring both back that made perfect sense to the story. It answered the question of spirits and what happens when Heaven is closed, it reiterated Kevin’s concept of getting to have that family relationship, and it brought back Mama Tran who always sticks to her guns in even the scariest of situations. This was a very good return for both.

What did you think of Kevin's speech about Sam and Dean's drama?

Carissa:  It's a speech I've given to people I know many times. Friends who are in arguments with their parents and refuse to make amends for some stupid reason. At any minute they could be gone and you'll never have the opportunity again. On Supernatural they can talk to ghosts at least. But Sam and Dean do need to take his advice. It's stupid. Get over it. Right on Kevin!

Alice: I loved it and I’m glad he took time to share that wisdom.  He’s dead and realizes life is too short to be fighting over such things.  I was impressed that despite everything Kevin was calmer and at peace with what happened.  If Kevin can get over being killed, then Sam and Dean can put aside their differences.  But since the writers needed to drag out the drama for a few more weeks, they didn’t.

Sean: Like I said before this was my favorite scene. It was so spot on, and I agree Kevin was definitely calm about it and not antagonistic. The two are brothers, bad stuff has happened, but at least they are alive and can have that time to be with each other. Get over it for sure! And yes, as much as it’s been driving me nuts to see them have the current problem, I’m OK if they drag it out just a little longer. But once they get back on the same page, I’d like them to stay there.

Were you surprised by Bartholomew's demise?

Carissa: No. If he and Castiel were going to meet it kind of made sense one of them wouldn't come out alive. It was easy to surmise that Castiel wasn't going anywhere!

Alice: No.  I never pegged him to be the big bad.  Somehow, Heaven’s villains aren’t capable of such things.  Their motivations are usually too shallow and too petty.  I liked that before he went, we got to see a bit of his and Castiel’s history. Bartholomew was just another angel in the trenches, blindly following orders no matter what, with no regard for humanity. You know, just like every other dick angel we’ve run across.  There was no way he could be taken seriously after that.

Sean: Guess, I was the surprised one. I did like that he had history with Castiel, but maybe I was thinking he might have lasted longer to do some real damage. That said, we still have plenty of other problems and “bad guys” to deal with so its not a total loss. It also set up the interesting turn of Castiel gaining angel followers.

Can Castiel be a great leader or is something bound to go wrong?

Carissa: He CAN be a great leader, but if leading is anything like crack, which it seems like it could be -- that whole power going to your head and everything -- it could be a tough road ahead for Castiel. In his last attempt to lead he tried to step into God's shoes. Has he learned enough in the meantime to keep that from happening again? Did he go to God's anonymous? I hope so. We've always wondered where the souls were going and Kevin confirmed they're bumping their heads on the gate unable to get in since Metatron closed the doors, so someone has to right this wrong. Let the hero be Castiel!

Alice: With Castiel everything is bound to go wrong.  That’s the mere nature of his existence!  However, Castiel needs to face the fact that no one else is capable of leading and the angels desperately needs a leader.  Look how quickly he earned loyalty at the end.  Sure, he strayed with that whole being the new God thing, but he’s the closest thing to offering purpose and direction that Heaven has ever had.  That’s why I think Castiel keeps being brought back.  His is a higher purpose.  He has to get it right eventually.

Sean: I feel like everything could go wrong (and on some level something will), but I like to think that especially after going off the deep end playing God, he’s learned his lesson. Even having his experience as a human has to have changed things. Hopefully, he can spin it into something good and get his angel brethren back to Heaven and find some balance and peace from it all. Good luck, my winged friend.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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