Supernatural: Watch Season 9 Episode 16 Online

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Junkie Crowley. The First Blade. Snooki?

Sam and Dean have plenty to deal with on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16, as they hunt down the rare First Blade with a little help from the human blood-addicted King of Hell. That is, hopefully before Abaddon gets it first.

The brothers discover a rogue Man of Letters obsessed with collecting rare supernatural items, and who wants to unleash the power of the Mark of Cain. So trust Crowley or the guy with the bow tie? Or what about a Jersey Shore demon?

Watch Supernatural online now to catch the latest installment and see who makes it out alive.

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Okay, uh, look Snooki. Can I call you Snooki?


You know, at least when Cas was human, he was an OK guy. Should've known Crowley would be a douche version.