Teen Wolf: Watch Season 3 Episode 21 Online

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On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21, all of Kira's history was revealed as well as her Kistune status as she and Scott tried to get answers from her parents.

Kira's family has been near Beacon Hills before and one of them is the direct cause for what is happening in Beacon Hills.

If you've wondered what type of Kitsune Kira is, you'll find the answer in this installment.

Sheriff Stilinski bails out Argent and Derek to get their assistance in finding his son, but can he trust them? Allison isn't so sure what to think any longer.

Find out everything there is to know about Kira and her family when you watch Teen Wolf online.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Scott: If that's you, then you'd have to be like 90 years old.
Noshiku: Closer to 900.
Kira: OK. Sure. Dad, how old are you?
Mr. Yukimura: Forty-three, but I've been told I look mid 30s.

Scott: Can you call them off?
Noshiko: When you hear the rest of the story you won't want me to.