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On Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 the Nogitsune continues to play with everyone's mind to cause strife to feed and grow stronger. Scroll through some photos to whet your appetite, and then read on find out why you absolutely MUST CLICK BELOW to watch the installment.

Evil Stiles guts himself and lets loose an army of flies that infiltrates various people to wreak havoc on others and each other.

Allison and Kira make an awesome fighting team and make us yearn for a time when they partner up with a Lydia for their own supernatural crime fighting show!.

When the help of a professional is needed Lydia calls in Peter Hale and her payment to him is the name of his daughter. Peter adds humor and perspective to a really difficult situation.

Lydia and Scott successfully reach Stiles, but they do not kill the Nogitsune. Someone gets caught in the crossfire. Who is it? 

To find out who it is, who's infected with Nogitsune and see all of the incredible fighting you're just going to need to watch Teen Wolf online

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Peter: This is more a war of the mind than of the body. There are better methods for winning this battle.
Deaton: What kind of methods?
Peter: We're gonna get into his head.

Chaos has come again.