The Americans: Watch Season 2 Episode 3 Online

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On The Americans Season 2 Episode 3, Elizabeth continues to struggle with what happened to the Connors and whether to keep a promise she made to Leanne in 1966.

The death of the Connors is affecting everything Elizabeth does, including the way she does her job. Will she kill someone knowing they have children at home? What if she couldn't go home to her kids? Does it matter?

Paige's sleuthing takes a surprising turn as she skips school to visit her Great Aunt Helen, leaving Henry to fend for himself after school. Will it be a decision she comes to regret?

Stan gets closer to Nina and farther from Sandra. Only one is telling tales. For now. 

Elizabeth checks in on Jared Connor to find out if he's receiving the care he deserves after losing his parents. What she discovers causes her to question the promise she made to Leanne all those years ago.

Find out about all of these developments and how they play out when you watch The Americans online!

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The Americans Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You know Salisbury steak is technically a hamburger. In the shape of a steak.


Elizabeth: What if something happens to the kids? Who will take care of them? We don't have any real friends.
Philip: Isn't that how you wanted it?
Elizabeth: Me? What's that supposed to mean?