The Mentalist Review: Anything But Drama Free

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How can you expect drama-free when Patrick Jane is asking for  "Black Helicopters" and tanks?

But The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 13 was mostly just that... until the end.

When Edith, a U.S. attorney turns up dead in Mexico, the biggest question was how did she get there. Leave it to Patrick to pick up on the brand new hardware on a crappy old door. 

Did anyone else notice that when Jane popped up from out of the ground, Cho never flinched and he never took his eyes off the man with the gun? 

Jane looked completely at home while in Mexico and we finally got a look at his new Airstream. Heck, even lunch sounded great. Who wouldn't like tamales carnitas? Fischer from the looks of things. She didn't touch it.

The look on Cho's face when Jane gave him the Mexican jumping beans was priceless. We get to see him smile so infrequently. And Abbott's glee over Voltron was enough to have him backing Jane after he ditched Fischer. But all of Jane's gift giving made me wonder…I know he's good at reading people but the presents seemed far too specific.

Has he hacked into the FBI's personnel files?

Speaking of getting ditched, I'm surprised Fischer didn't mention it to Lisbon. Teresa could have told her not to take it so personally. It happens when you work with Patrick Jane. 

How does Jane get away with such behavior? He gets results. Like getting Marcia off of the compound without having it become a blood bath.

I was also somewhat impressed with Abbott. Not only did he back Jane's plan but he also spoke with respect to Alex at the compound's gate, as he pointed out that the two of them had the opportunity to save lives by the choices they made in that moment.

There was little for shippers to be happy about in this episode as Jane was paired with Fischer for most of it. I understand that the writers are looking to make Jane more a part of the new team but it's always more fun to have our original dynamic duo together.

Even when they're only speaking on the phone these two still have the most entertaining moments of the show as in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I slept at the compound.
Lisbon: With the peanut butter people?

Back to the CBI connection: at first I was thrilled when La Roche got called in to help, even if he wasn't thrilled about the request or his current situation…

Dealing with distrust and disdain for half the paycheck I got at CBI? No, I am not enjoying Internal Affairs.


By the time LaRoche and Rigsby were talking on the phone in their vehicles, I had a very bad feeling about where this was going. When LaRoche chose to go into that building alone I knew it was over, but then there was that ray of hope. 

This place is creepy. If you think I'm going to search this dump by myself you are gravely mistaken.


Unfortunately, whatever hope I had was quickly extinguished by a trip wire. Damn. I really liked JJ La Roche. He will be missed. 

So, TV Fanatics, do you think Jane picked those presents through his keen observation skills or did he have inside information?

Here is your first look at The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 14:

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