The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Apollo's Short Leash

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There was one thing Phaedra Parks asked her husband to do going into The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 18: Stay away from Kenya Moore.

Instead, Apollo ended up "Flirting with Disaster" and we recap it all in our +/- review...

Apollo's head is obviously stuck in a place where not enough oxygen can get to his brain because he is obviously not thinking. Minus 20.

But as Peter pointed out, Apollo's judgement when it comes to Kenya has never been very sound. Secretly texting a woman behind your wife's back will never end well. 

It's not as if Phaedra has been quiet about her concerns when it comes to these two. Apollo knows his wife almost left him back home because she didn't want to tempt fate once again. The last trip they all took together Apollo ended up cavorting with Kenya in the pool. Minus 30.

That's the only reason Phaedra got into that cold water in the cave. She wasn't about to let her husband go swimming with Ms. Moore once again. Can't say as I blame her. 

Apparently even a short leash is too much for Apollo. Not that he's the only one to blame but he is the married party in this despicable twosome.

Kenya was flirting with him all night. Minus 25. Don't tell me she would have been smoking cigars and doing tequila shooters with just Peter and Todd. 

And who does that anyway? What single woman goes out with her female friends spouses to get plastered? Talk about a recipe for disaster. Minus 43.

Plus 22 to Todd for at least trying to keep things from going off the rails. Playing chaperone to these two adults was a little ridiculous but no one can say they didn't need one. 

But once Apollo and Kenya were determined to have this out, there wasn't much more for their friends to do. Plus 15 because it was comical watching Todd and Peter sitting there eating popcorn and waiting for the inevitable to occur.

As crazy as Kenya may be, Apollo sounded like a complete ass. Minus 18. Talk about an ego as he kept insisting that he could have had Kenya if he had wanted her. Even if it's true, he still sounded like an arrogant fool.

I actually felt badly for Phaedra as she walked up on that scene. What a slap in the face. She asked one thing of her husband, to steer clear of Kenya and he totally betrayed her trust. 

The rest of the trip was kind of boring, unless you count the giant snake and the cave full of bats. Minus 12. That's seriously not my idea of a fun adventure. 

At least Porsha seemed to be enjoying herself as she quipped, "I'm so glad I let my guard down, tied my weave up and got in the water."  Plus 15. At least someone was happy.

Episode total = -96! Season total = -1041! 

Who carries most of the blame in this Phaedra/Apollo/Kenya triangle?

Flirting With Disaster Review

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