The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: The Shadiest of Them All

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It was all "He Said, She Said" when Porsha's marriage becomes fair game on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 17.

Seriously, what's up with this?!?

Last season everyone wanted Porsha to leave her husband and now there's suddenly a push for them to reconcile? I'm lost. Minus 22.

Somebody get Peter a pair of expensive heels because he obviously wants an official spot as a Real Housewife. After months of no contact, he goes to talk to Kordell about his divorce and why is it a surprise that his story and Porsha's don't match. When do they ever in a contentious divorce?

Kordell tells Peter there's love but then there's business and he didn't put Porsha's name on any of their assets. Does that mean he was protecting himself or being a control freak? 

Suddenly, Peter buys every word out of Kordell's mouth saying that all that came before, he heard from "a bunch of girls." Minus 35. Wow! Could he sound any more condescending?

You'd think Peter would be more concerned about working on his own marriage instead of becoming a couples counselor for Porsha and Kordell. And only a Housewife would bring up this topic on a crowded bus for everyone else to hear. 

You'd think that the tension between NeNe Leakes and Kenya would have taken center stage in Mexico but no. At least not yet. They're both smiling and hugging one another while wanting to rip each other's hair out. 

As Kenya said herself, "Mirror, mirror on the wall. I'm the shadiest of them all." 

Plus 15. At least she's telling the truth.

On to dinner where Kenya decides the couples should have to mingle so they get separated at the table. This time Peter gets a plus 18 for calling her out on her nonsense, "In other words you split us up because you're not coupled up." Exactly.

And why isn't Kenya coupled up on a trip she planned. She's always talking about this amazing man in her life. Porsha may have put it best, "Where's your invisible African prince or is he here and we just can't see him?" 

But the conversation quickly gets back to Porsha's marriage and minus 50. Since when is anyone's marriage open for public discussion.

Peter can't let it go and Kenya out and out calls Porsha Kordell's beard. Yes, when Porsha said that Kordell's image was tainted when they met and she agreed to take on a role to help him with that, it seemed to be alluding to the rumors that he's gay,  but once again Kenya shows no manners. Minus 27.

At least Greg seemed to try and say that Porsha's marriage was her business and whatever she agreed to was for the good of her family. Plus 12.

Honestly, the entire dinner gave me indigestion and I didn't eat a thing.

But take a look at next week. Is Apollo really flirting with Kenya again in public? How stupid is that man? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Episode total = -89! Season total = -945!

Was Porsha and Kordell's marriage appropriate dinner conversation?

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