The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Saying Stupid Things

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It was the Reunion Part 1 and one thing was made clear: Brandi Glanville says stupid things.

We recap the idiocy of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 20 in our +/- review...


Lisa tells Andy that for the first month after they stopped filming she cried every time she thought about the rift between her and her former friends. I actually believed her but not everyone did as Brandi openly scoffed from her end of the sofa. Minus 22.

Yes, it was yet another night to beat up on Lisa Vanderpump but Lisa's list of supposed crimes are looking pretty thin. She didn't make enough time for Yolanda, she didn't fire the waitress who slept with Brandi's ex, and her jokes have a little too much bite to them.

As for Yolanda, get over it already. I'm tired of hearing about how Lisa ditched your silly painting party. She sounds so darn whiny it's pitiful. Minus 30.

Brandi jumped on Lisa for her biting sense of humor and yes, sometimes the edge to her jokes can sting but most of the time they're spot on and pretty darn funny. Plus 23.

Lisa even had the grace to apologize to Kyle for making the crack about if Yolanda sold her house she'd suddenly find best friends in Kyle and Mauricio. Again, I can see why it would bother Kyle but there was also plenty of truth in that dig.

The funny part was listening to Brandi chastise Lisa for saying stupid things. Brandi is the queen of saying something stupid or hateful. She curses like a sailor and insults people at will and Lisa has always stood by her. 

So much for loyalty. Minus 37.

Brandi even went so far as to admit she spent. $9.95 to do an internet search on Lisa to dig up dirt. The worst she could find was that her former friend may have lived in Calabasas. Shocking!

The worst was when Lisa spoke about her low blood pressure and how she was under a doctor's care and Brandi mocked her by telling her it was OK because, “I’ve got the paddles, don’t worry.” Minus 40. That was cold. 

But there was more to be argued over at this reunion.

Kim defended her prayer session in Palm Springs. Kim's right. She can pray where ever she wants but I'm siding with Lisa on this one. Turning around to find Kim on her knees next to the trash can was just, plain weird.

And as much as I cheer for Kim's hard fought sobriety, she was the most boring Housewife of the season.When your main companion is  a dog there's only so much drama you can muster. Minus 12.

Brandi and Joyce took the time to sneer at one another once more but the highlight was Joyce telling Carlton to, "Throw up for the group" if her comments about her tight vagina and her husband's equipment were too much for her. 

Plus 20 to Carlton for not making us watch that!

Joyce was unapologetic as she proclaimed about her husband's penis, "It's beautiful, it's big. I'm proud of it."  

Got to side with Yolanda on this one. Definitely too much information. 

Episode total = -98!                                Season total = -455!

With only two more reunion shows left, who wore your favorite dress on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Reunion Part 1 Review

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